Why the pH levels of our soil is so important

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How often do you think about the soil beneath your feet? The answer is probably never. But it is incredibly important to our entire existence. Not only does it make up the surface of the world but we rely on it to hold our houses and other buildings and to nurture our plants and food produce including crops and for animals to graze on.

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There are many things that can affect the quality of our soil including chemicals that are used on the land and those that seep into the are from other sources as well as the building materials that we use. Companies such as ash remediation provide Land Remediation Services that help to restore areas of land back to an acceptable quality. Soil pH is one fact that can be affected by how we use the land and the products that we use on it and this will have a direct impact on the plants that we can grow and how they flourish.

Here are some facts about soil pH that you might not be aware of.

  • pH is the levels of acidity or alkaline that are in the soil. This is measured in a scale that runs from 0 to 14 and is the same scale used to measure acid and alkaline in another other product. 7 is classed as neutral and as the number decreases from 7 the acidity level increases. As the number increases from 8 the alkaline level also increases.
  • It is the pH level of the soil that can have an impact on the amount, quality and type of nutrients that are available for the plants in that particular soil location. For example plants that have leaves that turn yellow around the edges could be suffering from a lack of iron. This is not down to the lack of nutrients in the plant but down to a low acidity level in the soil for that particular plant to create the iron in a form that the plant can naturally absorb.

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  • You can adjust your soil pH level in a number of ways but you should ensure that you do this in a measured and gradual approach if you already have established plants. You can use limestone to increase the pH level and sulfur to lower it. You can find these in both powdered and pellet forms in any good garden centre.

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