Why Gray Hair and How to Reduce It Hair Naturally

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A fact very associated with old age is the appearance of grey hair, and that is that as the years go by, we see how the ‘hated’ white hairs take place between the scalps, and there are many who try to hide them. The truth is that grey hair comes out at a different rate in each person, you can not predict when grey hair appears, but the reason is in all cases the same. If you want to know why grey hair comes out, be sure to read this article.

Why grey hair comes out?

First of all, it is essential to know that the appearance of grey hair is for the alteration in the mechanism of hair pigmentation. Usually, this happens over the years and becomes a characteristic of old age. It is also possible that it occurs prematurely and grey hair appears in young people.

It is that to answer the question of ” why grey hairs “, it is necessary to know which cells are responsible for hair colouring and skin pigmentation. It is about melanocytes, through the production of melanin, together with the cells responsible for directing the development of hair follicles which give colour to the skin and hair.

Also, it has recently been discovered that the role of the ‘Wnt’ protein is also involved in the grey. It has the function of coordinating the pigmentation process between the two groups of stem cells.

Over the years, the melanocytes age, lose their function and eventually disappear, so that when these cells fail, the appearance of grey hair occurs in the hair. It is important to note that the process in the skin is similar, but it can maintain pigments better, while hair colour loss occurs more quickly.

It should be noted that grey hair can appear at an early age, but one of the factors that most influences are the race of people. And it is that while in the white race it is usually from the age of 30 when grey hair makes its appearance, it is 45 and up when it usually occurs in black people.

Why Gray Hair

How to reduce grey hair naturally?

For many women, grey hair is a real nightmare that forces them to invest a lot of time and money, painting their hair to hide them. Although genetics have an essential share of responsibility in their training, the reality is that poor nutrition also plays a fundamental role.

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Steps to follow:

Women love chocolate, so you will be happy to know that this food rich in copper helps prevent grey hair due to its high copper content, which influences the production of melanin, which in turn contributes to giving our hair its colour. Always prefer black, much lighter, you can also add other foods rich in copper such as lentils or mushrooms to your diet.

The Vitamin E is also essential for hair and nothing like a good handful of nuts to make the right amount of fatty acids and vitamin. Prefer the salt-free versions and choose options such as almonds or hazelnuts

Foods rich in selenium such as nuts, salmon, seafood, liver, strawberries, grapes and pears benefit the appearance of your hair fighting the appearance of grey hair because they control the production of hormones that play a role fundamental in the state of our mane.

Also, green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, watercress, among others, are rich in B12 complex vitamins. They help transport nutrients to our scalp to keep it healthy and oxygenated. It can influence the appearance of grey hair. Remember that a good diet is important to keep us healthy and beautiful from head to toe.

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