Why Cats Sleep So Much? Find Out the Answer Here

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If you are a cat owner, you have already noticed: your cat spends a lot of the day sleeping. And it is not a secret for anyone that these animals, so agile and independent and with such a defined personality, are also big sloths, but why is this? If you want to know why cats sleep so much, we explain it to you in detail.

Why cats sleep so much?

We know that cats spend a lot of time with their eyes closed, resting. But exactly how much time a day do you spend on this pleasant activity? The puppies cats, they need to save more energy and rest while her mother gets food for them, spend about 20 hours a day sleeping.

For their part, adult cats, depending on several factors that can make this time vary, spend between 12 and 15 hours rest. Now it is clear that cats sleep a lot!

Conserve energy

Spending about 70% of the day sleeping has to do with a genetic aspect. Cats are programmed to spend time resting when they are not hunting or caring for their young, thus saving energy and using it when they really need it.

Although your cat is domestic and does not hunt, genetically it is still programmed to save its energy to the maximum.

Due to temperature

One of the aspects that can make sleep hours vary, and make your cat sleep more, is temperature. In colder months the cat spends more hours sleeping in order to keep its body warm and save energy. Do not forget that if the animal were free, during this time of year it would be much more difficult to get food.

Lack of activity

If you work or spend a lot of time away from home, it is clear that your cat is many hours of the day alone. It is true that these animals are independent and that if they have toys at home, they can entertain themselves for a few minutes. Also, as long as they have a window or balcony nearby, they can spend their time observing what happens outside.

But there are also many hours of boredom and lack of activity, perfect moments for the cat to decide to get some sleep. The absence of reasons to be active makes your cat rest even more.

Factors that can alter the cat’s sleeping hours

These are some reasons that explain why cats sleep so much. However, there are certain occasions when they can spend less or more time resting.

In the summer season, in which they will invest their energy in mating and not resting as much. In the case of cats that hunt, the rest is less, since the search for food requires time and dedication, leaving fewer hours to sleep. During the puppy stage, the period they will sleep more.

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