Who is the Woodland Trust?

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Woodland Trust is the UK’s biggest forest conservation charity related to the creation, protection, and restoration of native forest heritage. It has planted over 43 million trees since 1972.

The Woodland Trust has three main objectives: i) to protect the ancient forests that are rare, unique and irreplaceable, ii) restoration of ancient forests that were damaged, iii) plant native trees and forests with the aim of creating a lasting landscape for humans and wildlife.

The charity has ownership of over one thousand locations covering more than 26,000 hectares. It maintains public access to its forests at all times. This charity was set up in Devon, England in 1972 by retired farmer and farm machinery dealer Kenneth Watkins.

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The first purchase made by the Trust was an area of the Avon Valley Woods, Devon. By 1977 the Trust owned 22 forests in six counties. In 1984, next to Loch Ness, Balmacaan Wood became the first Scottish Trust acquisition. It supports National Tree Week, which takes place in late November and is run by The Tree Council.

From 2005 to 2008 it cooperated with the BBC for their Spring and Autumnwatch programmes and the series Breathing Places, where events were held in woods. To this day, the Trust still works with Spring and Autumnwatch, as recently as 2015.

The Areas

Now it has more than 80 forests in Scotland, covering 21,000 acres.

In Wales, the Trust acquired 94 acres at Coed Lletywalter in Gwynedd in 1980. Now it has more than 100 forests in Wales.

It started in Northern Ireland in 1996 when it received a grant from the Millennium Commission to establish more than 50 community forests. This scheme is called Woods on your doorstep.

The Woodland Trust draws on its experience and knowledge in conservation to spread the message and impact those in a position to positively affect the future of native forests. These include government, other land owners, and organizations with similar interests. It also campaigns to protect and save the ancient forests from destructive development. For trees on your property that you might need help with, contact a Bournemouth Tree Surgeon at a site like kieranboylandtreeservices.com

Forest protection

It looks after more than 1,000 forests covering an area of 190 square kilometers. Nearly 350 sites contain ancient forest, of which 70 percent is semi-natural ancient forest. It also manages more than 110 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Currently there are more than 600 ancient forests under threat in the UK.

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Woodland creation

It also has created a new forest, over 12 square miles including 250 new community forests in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its biggest project currently covers 16.1 sq mi in Glen Finglas Estate in Scotland and Heartwood Forest in Hertfordshire, England. It has 20 sites covering 1.7 sq mi in the National Forest, and 12 community forest sites in England. The charity also gives free trees to communities or places of education to facilitate the creation of new forests.

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