When to Plant Potatoes? Discover the Right Time

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If you have decided to grow potatoes on your land, orchard or garden, you will surely be getting the most information to do your best and achieve a successful crop. If so, or just curious about the world of crops, you’ve come to the best place.

Here, you will find the answer to when to plant potatoes, as well as some tips to keep in mind to find the best time according to the area and also some indications on when to harvest them.

When to plant potatoes?

The time for planting potatoes is usually more or less the same throughout the world, always in the early spring, around the months of March and April. However, as with everything we grow, the best time to plant depends largely on the climate of each place, so the answer may vary a little.

When to plant potatoes

Thus, in warm areas, with mild winters, you can grow potatoes in the last weeks of winter, while in very cold or frost places this will be impossible and you will have to wait for the heat to start. Likewise, in temperate places, you can also plant potatoes in late summer, while in places with extreme climates this will be impossible because it will be too hot or the fresh air will have started.

Tips for choosing the season

To finish fine-tuning which season is best for planting potatoes in your area, we recommend keeping these key points in mind:

  • This plant needs cool temperatures during the process of forming its tubers. The optimum is between 15ºC and 25ºC.
  • Still, this tuber is very delicate against frost, so it should not be exposed to it.
  • It is necessary that at the time you decide to plant potatoes on your land, the soil is at a temperature of 15 ºC or higher, this way you will ensure that the plant can sprout and grow well.

The formation of the tubers begins between 1 and 2 months after planting the potatoes, something that adjusts more at one time or another depending on the type of potato that has been planted. Therefore, we recommend that you inform yourself well in the place where you acquire the tubers for planting, as a professional who knows the variety will be able to give you more exact indications for the climate of the place where you grow taking into account the potato variety.

On what date is the potato planted?

These are the indicative dates for planting potatoes taking into account the type of planting because if you choose to plant early or late, the month changes.

Early sowing: It is done in winter, that is, in December and January in the Northern hemisphere and in June and July in the Southern hemisphere.

Semi-early sowing: This is also done in winter, but in the months between January and February in the Northern Hemisphere and in the months of July and August in the Southern Hemisphere.

Semi-late planting: This other type of potato planting occurs in spring, so it is done in April and May in the Northern Hemisphere and in October and November in the Southern Hemisphere.

Late sowing: This last sowing occurs in summer, which is in the month of August in the northern hemisphere but in February in the southern hemisphere.

The most common planting times for potatoes throughout the world are spring or semi-late planting and winter or semi-early planting. Early and late planting are for more temperate climates, where the temperature of the year is almost the same throughout the year and, therefore, they can plant at any time, including these less common times in the rest of the world. Knowing this calendar for planting potatoes, you can already know better in which month it is convenient for you to do it in your area.

When to harvest potatoes?

The time to harvest potatoes or potatoes varies depending on the type of potatoes planted and also on the climate of the place. However, we can take into account that these tubers are usually ready to harvest between 2 and 5 months after sowing. Another advice that we indicate you to know when to harvest the potatoes is to notice if the stems of the plant are starting to dry or turn yellow, this indicates that the tubers can already be collected.

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