What is grounding and how can it improve your health?

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Grounding is a type of therapy that focuses on ‘earthing’ yourself. In layman’s terms, this means electrically reconnecting or grounding yourself to the earth

Just as a contaminated land remediations service may fix the earth itself, grounding uses science to help ‘fix’ your body. It relies on grounding physics and earthing science to demonstrate how the earth’s electrical charges can have a positive effect on you.

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The benefits of grounding

Advocates of grounding claim that it can offer a range of benefits, including having a positive effect on people with cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, chronic pain, muscle damage and inflammation. It is thought that grounding may affect what is known as the living matrix, or central connector, that travels between living cells.

The idea is that the body’s natural defences can be restored or boosted by having a positive effect on the electrical conductivity that exists within the matrix and acts as an immune defence system in a similar way to antioxidants.

Grounding in practice

Just as companies such as https://soilfix.co.uk/services/groundwater-soil-remediation-services work to cleanse and rejuvenate the earth, grounding patches placed on the feet and hands can work to restore your immune system, according to some grounding experts.

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Studies have shown that grounding can increase the fluidity of red blood cells, suggesting that it may be good for your cardiovascular health in a similar was to tips such as getting active and managing your weight.

Another study has shown that grounding can have a positive effect on muscle damage after exercise and can lead to a reduction in pain for sufferers.

A research project also looked at mood and pain in 16 massage therapists. The results were said to show that grounding or earthing had a worthwhile effect on alleviating the emotional and physical stress associated with their jobs.

Types of grounding

There are various types of grounding; however, they all focus on reconnecting you with the earth. This could be as simple as walking barefoot outside and feeling the earth between your toes, lying on the grass in a peaceful park, or taking the time to relax on the beach.

Submersing in water is another way of grounding, as water can act in the same way as the physical earth. Simply wading in a lake or taking a swim in the sea could have positive effects.

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