How to Unblock Whatsapp Account? 3 Types of Lock

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For a few days, it has not been possible to access WhatsApp. Your account is locked out and you don’t know what to do to restore it. Sometimes friends can play bad jokes. In fact, the problem can arise if lately there has been a quarrel with one of them. In the event that this situation occurs, one should not despair. With a bit of luck, you may be able to remove the block. By doing this, you can gain access to conversations with other people again.

Generally, in a few seconds, you can unblock a WhatsApp account. The unlocking procedure is not always feasible, (especially if the lock is permanent). This short tutorial aims to give some useful advice and correct information on how to do this. So now be comfortable and try to implement all the suggestions that are given below.

Unblock Whatsapp account

  1. Device
  2. WhatsApp application
  3. Internet connection

Block origin

The first thing to do is to be able to understand what determined the origin of the block. This way you don’t run the risk that the situation will arise in the future. It is important to know that there are two types of blockade: temporary and permanent. The first case lasts one or more days. It can occur if unofficial clients are used to accessing WhatsApp or if too many messages are sent to “unknown” people.

The permanent blockade instead lasts forever. Generally, this problem occurs when you use WhatsApp to send advertising messages, spam messages or publish prohibited content. Finally, a permanent blocking can occur when the terms of use of the service are continuously broken.

Temporary block

When this situation occurs, access the screen which lists all the applications installed on the phone. Next, you need to identify the client that was used to access Whatsapp. Then, you have to keep your finger pressed on the app icon. It must be dragged to the “Uninstall” button or to the “trash can” that appears at the top.

Then you have to press the “OK” button to confirm the cancellation of the application. At this point, you have to wait for the temporary blocking of your WhatsApp account to expire. Then you have to install WhatsApp again, following the initial configuration of the app. If everything has been done correctly, you can log in to the new account.

Permanent block

When a permanent block occurs, the message “Your number is no longer authorized to use our services” appears on the main screen of the app. In this case, the operation to unlock WhatsApp is not at all simple. The only solution that you can try is to send an email to WhatsApp technical support. It is essential to request a fairly thorough analysis of the problem.

In fact, it is very important to demonstrate that there have been no infringements that led to the permanent ban of the account. The support email addresses to send the message are easily found online. They vary according to the operating system that is used. However, you should know that if you cannot prove your innocence, the WhatsApp team will not consent to unblock your account. Now there is nothing more to say but to wish big good luck for everything.

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