Ultra violet purple lipstick: who is it good for?

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Ultraviolet, the magnetic and intense nuance elected color of the year 2018 by Pantone , is quickly conquering the lips of all beauty addicts. The great success of dark lipsticks brought purple lipsticks to the fore, from plum to eggplant to pop and neon purple. But if you are wondering who can afford to wear such bold and unusual colors, the answer is only one: anyone who feels comfortable with a lipstick that does not go unnoticed.

Certainly purple lipstick – like dark colors in general – are especially attractive to those with fair skin, as long as they illuminate the complexion with a veil of blush. But even those with darker and olive skin can wear purple lipstick, it all depends on the right shade you choose. In general, darker skins are enhanced by warm shades of purple, while light complexions and those with blond hair look good with cooler, more vibrant purples. But we know that the rules have many exceptions …

Cult lipsticks

If you like intense and bright shades, you can’t do without Heroine, Mac’s Matte Lipstick with a creamy and extremely opaque texture (19.50 euros).

Another must-have for beauty addicts are Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick; their highly pigmented creamy formulation contains natural moisturizing agents that guarantee a smudge-free matte finish. Try the Roxy nuance, a full and bright purple (19.90 euros).

How to: tips for wearing purple lipstick

A color as intense as ultraviolet and its shades require great precision in drafting.

Before applying your favorite lipstick, make sure you have prepared your lips with a delicate scrub like that of Frank Body based on sugar, coconut oil, and coffee; then moisturize with a veil of lip balm and let it act for a few moments.

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Apply the lipstick with the help of a brush to define the lip contour and avoid smudging. If you want extra hold and greater precision, also use a pencil of the same color before applying the lipstick.

How to combine purple lipstick?

If you choose to wear purple lipstick, you have chosen to focus everything on the lips; leave the rest of the makeup in soft and neutral shades to avoid too much effect. But be careful not to be too ” dull “: the contrast between the dark tone of the mouth and an excessively light face does not enhance the look at all and, on the contrary, highlights small defects such as yellow teeth or dark circles.

To enhance the final look, treat yourself to an extra sparkling touch to brighten the eyes and face: choose eye makeup in the colors champagne or rose gold, two colors that really give to all, and put emphasis on the face with lighting from a spread in the right places (just above the cheeks and on the cupid’s bow, i.e. above the tip of the lips).

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