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Normally when we think of a smile, we tend to imagine a person showing a lot of teeth, possibly white, healthy, and good-looking. However, both the diversity of cultures on the one hand and the relationships. And situations in which we find ourselves on the other, influence the way we smile. To the point of making us conclude that not everyone smiles in the same way.

Types of smile: all the characteristics

In particular, some recent research, including a study conducted by the University of Berkeley in California, has shown that, depending on the muscles involved in the cheeks, lips, and face, we are able to implement different types of smiles. This study identified six, in particular, each used in a different relational situation and with a specific meaning.

The pleased smile

It is nothing more than the equivalent of a pat on the back. The lips are parted but are pulled slightly to one side, giving the smile an asymmetrical look.

The closed mouth smile TYPES OF SMILE

This is a smile that in our daily life we ​​meet and replicate frequently. It involves the muscles of the whole face, with the lips curving gently and the cheeks lifting, creating the illusion that the eyes are smiling too. However, not being an open smile could express mixed feelings: from friendliness to shyness, to repressed anger.

The smile of encouragement or listening

Even this smile is barely mentioned, with parted lips but left soft. Its meaning is to communicate reassurance and inclusion.

The fake smile TYPES OF SMILE

As the adjective itself suggests, it is the worst of smiles, precisely because it does not correspond to the emotion it should communicate. It is the so-called courtesy smile and is characterized by a quick and hasty mechanical movement of the lips that are pulled up to show the teeth.

The asymmetrical smile

This is the most ambiguous smile, a grimace that can have different meanings, depending on the situation. It can be ironic, sarcastic, or even anxious and encouraging. It is very characteristic because it is expressed through lips pulled up on one side and down on the other.

The genuine smile or Duchenne smileTYPES OF SMILE

It is the quintessential smile, it involves lips and eyes and is short and symmetrical. Its name derives from the French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who first discovered a particular kind of childhood muscular dystrophy and who analyzed and described the sincere smile with these specific characteristics.

By analyzing the various types of smiles, it is, therefore, possible to recognize them. And understand what the real mood of the person with whom we converse is. However, a true and sincere smile is the only one able to communicate the best of us. And to have it and keep it in good condition it is very important to take care of it every day.

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