Types of sausage: characteristics and curiosities

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The sausage, the oldest sausage, began as a method of preservation of different types of meat, from beef to pork, from the horse to the wild boar passing for white meat. It goes without saying, however, that when we talk about sausage we are talking above all about his majesty, pork. Nothing is really thrown away from pork (whoever does it knows it well), with excess fat, for example, excellent natural soap can be produced.

Common food to the various regional gastronomic traditions, the sausage can be eaten fresh or seasoned, alone or as an ingredient for substantial dishes. Think of a nice first course of tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and sausage. Or a nice mixed grill of meat or a second, as simple as it is tasty, of sausage and baked potatoes. Let’s try to discover some of the most characteristic and tasty types of Italian sausage. Taking a tour from one end of the beautiful country to the other.

Types of sausage: regional gastronomic traditionsTypes of sausage

Hirschwurst from Trentino Alto Adige. The typical reddish-colored sausage made with venison and spices comes from Sudtirol, with the addition of pepper and nutmeg, white or red wine. The ingredients are then stuffed and smoked. Among the different types of sausage that we will review, this is one that takes less time to be enjoyed. It should be aged for something like three weeks. The natural combination? With polenta. But even with mushrooms there is not joking.

Bra sausage. We are in Piedmont and the Bra sausage (Cuneo) is excellently prepared with lean beef and pork belly. This type of sausage is part of the Atlas of Traditional Agri-food Products of Piedmont.

Ceriana sausage

The pride of Ligurian gastronomic production, the sausage from Ceriana (Imperia) is made with pure pork, bacon, and fat, with the addition of salt, pepper, and/or chili plus rosemary.

Tuscan sausage

Widely consumed in the region, especially with beans and onions, the sausage made according to the Tuscan tradition prefers shoulder cuts, thigh trimmings. And fattest pork trimmings with the addition of salt, pepper, garlic, and various spices. But it is the fennel seeds that give that unmistakable and particularly aromatic taste.

Norcia sausage

As famous as it is good, the sausage produced in Norcia is made exclusively with the best pork or wild boar meat. In this case, it would be better to talk about the types of Norcia sausage. There are many varieties available, depending on the seasoning.

Cervellata of Campania

The paternity of this type of sausage would be from Puglia but in Campania they have reinvented it, enriching, if possible, the taste. In ancient times, cervelat was produced with mixed meats and brains of bovine or pork. The Campania variety uses only finely chopped pork. A classic Neapolitan cuisine: sausage and broccoli ( turnip greens ) sautéed in extra virgin.

Apulian paw

This type of sausage, originally from Sammichele di Bari, owes its name to the bases of the skewers used to cook it. It is made with beef and sheep meats to which tomato, salt, pepper, wild thyme, basil, or fresh parsley, and local cheeses are added.

Calabrian Sausizza

The Calabrian sausage is a PDO food protected by the Consortium for the Protection of Salami of Calabria. This type of sausage is made from medium-cut minced shoulder and under-rib meat with the addition of red, sweet. Or spicy chili, black pepper, and fennel seeds. The stuffing is done in natural pork intestines which gives the characteristic chain shape, with hand-tying of the individual sausages by means of a natural string. It must mature for at least a good month before being consumed.

Sicilian Pasqualora

The name derives from the custom of consuming this type of sausage, especially during the Easter period. The pasqualora is made with mixed pork and beef usually chopped coarsely and seasoned with salt, fennel seeds, and pepper. Everything will then go to fill the kid’s guts. Easter is usually cooked in a pan or roasted on the grill.

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