Top 10 Free Secure VPNs 2019

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In our time, total prohibitions and locks on VPNs have not been heard only by someone who does not use a computer and does not work on the network, it is unlikely that anyone needs to be explained what it is.

Nevertheless, we will begin with this, but it will be more interesting further.

Why is it necessary?

VPN technologies allow you to connect via an encrypted virtual network, which makes territorial blockages useless and ensures, ideally, anonymity – the provider, like other possible observers, cannot track where you “go”, since a) you do not directly, and through third-party servers, and b) the traffic is encrypted.

In addition, VPN allows you to safely use networks that you do not trust – coworking networks, open public Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.

Pros, Cons, Pitfalls

Everyone who enters in a search engine queries like free VPN server, free VPN for windows, unlimited VPN for PC, VPS free download faces a stream of offers that exceed all reasonable limits – there really are free services, and they work, here just not always they can boast of what they promise.

A completely free and unlimited VPN without restrictions exists only in the world of rainbow-eating sparkling unicorns. Such a service, if it is completely free, will cause well-founded suspicions of security and non-control to anyone. Free cheese …

Here we look at shareware VPNs, the lion’s share of the functionality and “goodies” in which is free, but there are also premium features that you can always open by purchasing a premium account.

This is the top ten VPN solutions for 2019 …


BroVPN is an interesting and promising VPN project created by Russian developers, whose team and servers are located on the Virgin Islands.

The Virgin Islands are not subject to user tracking agreements such as Five Eyes (which UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are subject to), Nine Eyes (Five Eyes + Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway) and 14 Eyes (above + Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden).

In addition, the service does not save logs and other data on user activity, respectively – does not transfer them to third parties.

VPN is free, without ads, and, according to developers, it will always be so.

The free version allows you to surf the network and watch videos at speeds up to 4 Mb/s, and the location of the virtual location is given randomly.

In the paid version, the speed limit is removed and there is the possibility of choosing a “location”, a subscription to it costs $10 per month.

The client interface is as simple and intuitive as possible, at the moment there are versions for Windows and Android, a release for Mac OS and iOS is planned.

The project is actively developing not only by the team, but also by the community of VPN enthusiasts, and therefore updates come out often. Technical support service responds to requests and helps.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a paid service that can be used free of charge during the trial period – 30 days, and then return the payment. Then re-register again and use another 30 days if you have other mail and details. Again.

However, if you have bankcards in different names, obviously you can afford to pay for the service and not suffer from re-registrations.

There are no restrictions on speed and traffic for the trial period, if you do not plan to use the VPN for a long time and a month is enough – this is your option. You can connect up to six devices.

NordVPN clients exist for Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV and Linux, browser versions run on Chrome and Firefox.

Developers consider the “trick” of the service to be guaranteed stable access to Netflix and the function of emergency disconnection from the Internet.

3. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe allows you to use 10 GB of traffic every month for free, also a 5 GB package can be received for a post about the service on Twitter and 1 GB for a friend.

They promise support for torrent networks (although with 10-16 GB in free mode, there will be little sense from them, but there is also a premium).

Developers consider the advantage of the service ROBERT – a built-in function to block ads and potentially dangerous programs, as well as its privacy policy, which details what data, is stored and why it is stored.

Clients of the service work on PCs and OSes from Apple, there is also a browser version. Technical support chat and detailed manual are available.

In free mode, you can connect to 10 out of 50 existing servers using up to 10 GB (not including bonuses for reposts and friends).

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN supports connecting from no more than three devices from one account at a time, but it is characterized by high speed and security. This is a paid service, but the trial of 30 days is free.

Feature of the service: TrustedServer – your data does not get to the server’s hard drives even for the shortest time, everything passes only through the RAM and leaves no traces on the media.

The download and upload speeds through ExpressVPN in the Western Hemisphere are practically no different from those without using a VPN.

Tests also show a high level of security – 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, built-in kill-switch emergency shutdown function and IP and DNS leak protection are used.

5. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is interesting in that it does not save user logs and does not allow third parties to view anyone’s search queries. The service has about 3,700 remote servers in different countries, now there are 60 such countries and their number is growing.

The company, located in Romania, controls all the servers used and does not rent them. The service supports 256-bit encryption and streaming video from major content providers such as Netflix.

Available on Windows, Linux, Apple and Android platforms, it can be installed on seven devices, including a router, to create a home network that works through a VPN.

Plus: good and fast technical support in the most convenient format – via chat.

Less: may have connection problems in some regions of China.

The service is paid, but it can be used for free for almost a month and a half – you can stop using it and return the funds within 45 days. If you like the service so much that you leave a paid subscription, then it makes sense to subscribe for a long time – the longer the subscription period, the lower the price.

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a free service with a small client and very fast servers.

It has most of the functions and features of the services described above, but it also has its own peculiarities: on the one hand, there are high connection and operation speeds, possibly one of the highest.

On the other hand, an anonymity violation is possible, because information about connections is collected (in full accordance with the license agreement, it should be noted), requests to DNS servers are not encrypted, when connecting via HTTPS, sites can see your IP

Oh, and advertising. Additional advertising on every page of the browser is exactly what we “want to see” in 2019. And the limit is up to half an hour a day.

In fairness, it is worth noting that restrictions and advertisements are removed easily and naturally by subscription, and the trial period is 45 days, during which you can return the money.

If you are only interested in access to closed resources, and anonymity is not in the top ten priorities, then the service may be of interest.

7. TunnelBear

TunnelBear has only 20 servers for redirection, which is a little, in comparison with other services from the collection.

Free traffic – only 500 MB per month, you can add a gigabyte for a tweet about the service. There are, of course, paid options.

TunnelBear does not maintain logs and allows you to connect 5 devices to one account.

Works on Windows, Apple OSes, and Android devices.

8. also offers client applications for all major platforms, offers 2 GB of free traffic per month, and provides most basic options for free, but there are five virtual locations on one device only.

In paid use, it is possible to connect five devices and work through 56 locations, as well as remove the traffic restriction; it costs a little less than six dollars a month.

The service ensures that free services are always available.

The big advantages of the service are the lack of advertising and round-the-clock technical support. does not maintain logs, which speaks in the name of its use in order to maintain anonymity

9. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN provides unlimited traffic, including on the free version, but there are serious restrictions on data transfer speed. You won’t be able to comfortably watch streaming video, and simply don’t connect to Netflix.

Provides a high level of security even in the free version. But the speed and number of servers (only three) in this case indicate that the main one is still paid.

In the free version, you can also connect only one device.

For paid subscriptions – all locations, 2, 5 or 10 devices, depending on the tariff, and different sets of options.

ProtonVPN applications exist for all major platforms, mobile and desktop.

10. SurfEasy

SurfEasy offers to connect up to 5 devices to your account at any tariff, including a starter one, and does not create speed limits. True, traffic is limited for free, only 500 MB per month is available.

On a paid one, for four bucks a month, the restriction is removed and the elimination of advertising tracking is activated – the service intercepts a cookie and cuts everything out of them that can somehow identify you. For six and a half dollars a month, you will receive additional torrent protection and 12 additional virtual locations.

Also available on all base platforms except Linux.

Even if you don’t do anything reprehensible and respect territorial blocking and censorship, you never know who and for what purpose can collect your data, and it’s very easy to collect as much information as possible about a person who does not use a VPN. On the network, as well as offline, you should be careful and prudent, which means – choose a VPN service and make your life a little calmer.

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