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In today’s article, we will talk about the laundry bag, an item that can be the salvation of your family’s delicate clothes. Made to go in the washing machine, the laundry bag protects delicate items, minimizing damage caused by mechanical washing.

First, the most important

  • Increasingly popular, the laundry bag is available in different models and sizes. To choose the ideal one, first identify the type of use that will be given to the accessory.
  • The model, the material, the capacity, and the type of closure are some characteristics to consider when buying.
  • Prices vary by brand and size of a laundry bag. You can find versions for less than R $ 5.

The best laundry bags: the ideal for every type of garment

The laundry bag is ideal for protecting delicate garments, separating clothes by type or color, keeping pairs of socks and underwear sets together, among others. But for the washing to be efficient, a quality product is essential. Check out our list of some of the best laundry bag designs:

The best model to wash bra and lingerie

The outer plastic frame supports the bag and protects the parts, helping to maintain its shape. Ideal for preserving your clothes against rips, tears, and highlights. The rust-proof zipper hides under the side strap, preventing impacts on the machine. Made with mesh fabric, it is breathable and double-layered for thorough washing and quick drying.

The best kit in various sizes to wash parts in groups

The Bag Limp Kit with 3 laundry bags is the best option to protect your clothes. Its fabric has very tight wefts, which guarantees total protection and insulation against lint and impurities. Helps reduce wear on the most delicate clothing when washing.

Ideal for washing large pieces

Measuring 70 × 46 cm, the Secalux wash bag is ideal for protecting delicate garments, underwear, or silk, eliminating the risk of deformation and increasing its durability.

Shopping guide

Washing delicate garments is always difficult. If you don’t have time to wash these types of clothes by hand, but want to keep items, the laundry bag may be the solution. With different versions, sizes and models, they protect the pieces, providing practicality and functionality to your washing routine.

Continue with us to learn all about this product, which is essential for those who want practicality and functionality in their daily routines.

Delicate and normal parts can be washed together using the product. (Source: Iakov Filmonov /

What is the laundry bag for and what is it for?

  • Laundry bags are cloth, canvas, or tulle packaging, created for use inside the washing machine.
  • The bag offers additional protection for delicate garments.
  • The bag offers additional protection to delicate clothing, preventing pilling and removing feathers and lint.

Ideal for delicate items such as knitting, baby clothing, and underwear, they also protect items from damage caused during the wash cycle, with friction between items, with the agitator and the washing machine drum.

What are the advantages of the laundry bag?

The biggest advantage of the laundry bag is that it prevents friction and tangling of the fabrics and threads of your clothes inside the washing machine, minimizing damage and deformities.

Cheap and easy to find, they can be used in any model of a washing machine. They are available in different sizes and models. In addition to the added protection for washing delicate items, they can be used as drawer and closet organizers, or as partitions or travel necessities.


  • Cheap and easy to find
  • Available in different sizes and models.
  • Protects parts from washer damage
  • It allows washing different types of parts at the same time in the machine


  • It May does not work for extremely delicate parts
  • Models with velcro closure can pull threads and damaged parts

For what type of garment is the use of the laundry bag indicated?

Basically, any type of garment can benefit from using the wash bag, even items like cloth bags and shoes. However, before using the bag, it is necessary to observe the label of the part.

Did you know that items that require hand washing can be extremely delicate and damage when washed, even with the use of the laundry bag? Polyester that mimics silk, for example, handles laundry in the bag well. Silk pieces, on the other hand, barely leave the process intact.

The most suitable parts to wash with the accessory are:

  • Lingerie and underwear: there are special bags to protect cups, padding and bra wires.
  • Baby Clothes: The bag allows you to wash baby items together with adult clothes.
  • Destroyed jeans pieces: use prevents threads from being pulled, tearing the garment further than desired.
  • Clothes with embroidery, stones, and appliqués: details are protected and friction with other garments is avoided.
  • Pieces of linen or wool: separated from the others, they do not collect hair, balls or frayed.
  • Colorful clothing: the separation in the bag reduces the chances that the colored piece will stain the others.

How to use the bag to wash clothes?

Using the laundry bag does not differ much from the conventional machine wash process. Start by separating the parts by type. In addition to the color, please also consider the material when ordering. Place each group in a different wash bag.

This prevents different fabrics and materials from mixing or wrapping both inside and outside the bag, in the drum of the washing machine. Check out tips to ensure even more protection for your parts:

If you wash different types of delicates, use multiple bags;

Fill only half the machine’s capacity with laundry. This helps protect parts of the washing machine from agitation;

Use cold or lukewarm water. High temperatures can shrink and damage fabrics, even with bag protection. The same goes for the rinse, which must also be cold;

Always use the cycle for delicate or slow-moving clothes ;

Do not overfill the bag. This can impair washing and rinsing;

Check out Sabrina Volante’s channel for more laundry bag tips:

How much does it cost and where to buy the laundry bag?

Very affordable, the laundry bag in the simplest versions costs less than R $ 5. Kits with different sizes and structured versions for lingerie can cost more than R $ 50.

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