Tips for holding successful team building events

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Team cohesion is the backbone of any working relationship. When you get groups of individuals together who naturally come from different backgrounds it can lead to some difficult situations. One of the best ways in which you can combat this is to look at ways in which you can build the morale within the group and team working within your staff to make for a more productive and happy working environment.

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You can do this in fomral ways such as holding conferences to upskill your staff or informally with Tank Driving experiences from places such as where your staff members can let their hair down and see each other in a different environment that the usual work place. Whatever event you decide to hold, there are a number of things that you will want to consider to help make it a success.

  • Timing – it is important that whatever activity you plan, that it takes place during normal working hours. This is because when events are planned outside of this time they naturally become optional and you will find that not all of your staff members will attend and this can create more issues within your team. You are better to keep these out of hours gatherings to your christmas meal or party rather than using them for team building purposes. If you look to hold a gathering over a lunch time or early in the morning it is a good idea to provide food for your staff.
  • Volunteering – this can be a great way to get your staff working together on a common goal whilst giving something back to your local community. There are many small charities, non for profit organisations and even schools that will be grateful for some help during key times of the year. You can also have this as a part of your corporate social responsibility statement.

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  • It’s not always about winning – when you continually make your events about winning and adding elements of competition you take away some of the valuable learning experiences that are available during these team building exercises as the focus, for some, becomes purely about winning. You can also find that when your activities are always based on this element of competition that you will naturally end up excluding some members of your team, including those who aren;t naturally competitive as well as those with some physical difficulties or disabilities.

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