Things from our childhood we don’t notice anymore

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As a child there were several things that stood out in our lives. Some of these do not occur in todays society and others are not noticed by adults anymore. This include everything from calling for your friends right through to councillors canvassing the local area. Here are our top memories. What are yours?

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When we were children we knew that the Labour party would come round in their cars and trucks with lots of people giving out leaflets and badges to everyone asking to “vote for labour”. This was fun, interesting and vibrant and really made you want to support them as they went to a lot of effort to do it and come door to door to see their constituents. It makes you wonder if it worked so well and they used to get a lot of people voting why they stopped doing it.  Maybe if they want to get more people voting again they should re do this.

When we were younger we would knock for each other on the doors and all grab our bikes and go riding and nine times out of ten we would bump into an ice cream van playing its tune.  This meant ice cream or lollies for everyone.  The sound itself just brought smiles to everyone’s faces except of course our parents who were normally the ones who shelled out the money to pay for them.

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Whilst sat comfortably on the sofa all of a sudden a man would appear at the window with a bucket of water, a ladder, a squeegee device and start cleaning them.  This was hilarious due to the fact that he would just be staring straight in whilst you sat there relaxing.  I actually felt bad I wasn’t helping in some way.  I’m pretty sure it made it easier if you had windows from a Double Glazing Evesham company sourced from businesses including firmfix. He would then disappear for a while up the ladder to the top floor.  This was even more embarrassing if you were still in bed with the curtains open.

The metal man was probably the weirdest one to pass by and you definitely knew he was coming as they would drive round in a little truck with a trailer on the back shouting through a mega phone “Any metal” and then stop and take any they could find on the street side.

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