The Best Decorating Ideas From Instagram

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Social networks have transformed our life and also our decoration. This has happened at least with Instagram. The social network of photography lovers is a great source of inspiration to decorate every corner of the house.

In fact, Instagram has even created decoration trends that have become a must-have of today’s interior design. We have made a small summary of the best decorating ideas from Instagram. Do you want to discover them?

New uses for the usual furniture

Decorating Ideas From Instagram

A console instead of a bedside table, a wall lamp instead of the traditional table lamp, a fiber basket that is actually a pot, a vintage trunk like an improvised coffee table in the living room … These are some of the many fabulous ideas that Instagram has left us to give other uses to the furniture and accessories of always.

A good way to give a twist and an unexpected touch to our decoration, while we get the most out of our furniture. So put your imagination to the test and be encouraged to take any piece you have at home out of context.

Design lamps in the kitchen or bathroom

Decorating Ideas From Instagram

Instagram has also encouraged us to renew our lamps in search of more spectacular luminaries. And the lamps are not what they were. Now, in addition to lighting, decorate and transform any space.

A sculptural design or a jewel lamp can help you put the touch of style to your home. Now, the trick to make these lamps look much more is to place them in rooms where the luminaries are usually more discreet and simple. For example, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. For example, a design lamp will look great in the kitchen office area.

Plants everywhere

Decorating Ideas From Instagram

If there is something that abounds in all the photos of interiors of Instagram it is, without a doubt, the plants. Cacti, flower arrangements, XL plants … Plants invade Instagram and also our interiors. That is why they should not be missing at home either.

The trick to decorate with them is to choose between small sets of plants that we can distribute throughout the space or for large plants that are perfect for corners and dead areas without taking advantage.

We have also seen many original ideas to decorate with plants. For example, vertical gardens, hanging plants, glass and design terrariums… The plants play a lot decoratively speaking. On Instagram also seen more minimalist tendencies, such as a glass vase or damajuana with a single plant. Simple, but very elegant.

The wallpaper returns

Decorating Ideas From Instagram

Another trend that has enamored us on Instagram is wallpaper. On Instagram, we have seen countless designs capable of completely transforming even the simplest and most boring space.

From flowers to tropical prints, geometric designs, abstract art and even wallpaper with textures that perfectly mimic all kinds of materials (hydraulic tiles, wood, marble, cement, brick …).

The good use of wallpaper is surprising. Not only to style a room, but also to highlight environments or delimit spaces. The wallpaper also looks great on furniture, such as cabinets, drawers or even at the bottom of a shelf or shelf.

If we talk about space, the wallpaper is also very successful in rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen. As with the lamps, the wallpaper serves to give prominence to these rooms that are usually the pending subject in many homes.

And you, what more decorating ideas from Instagram did you like?

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