The South African jewels from the ground

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Have you ever been looking at buying diamond rings online and wondered where the sparkly jewel originated from?

Diamond mines are located throughout the world with some of the largest being found in Russia and South Africa. Here is some information on the mines being operated in Botswana and the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The jewels are mined and then sent to designers and jewellery companies to produce the kind of beautiful items.

Venetia is the sixth largest mine in the world and is the largest mine in the South Africa area with reserves of around 102 Million carats. In 2012 alone, this mine produced around 3.066 Million carats of diamonds with the diamond deposits coming from 12 kimberlite pipes in the mining area. The Venetia mine is owned and managed by De Beers who opened the mine in 1992. It is a dual operating mine working as both an open-pit and an underground set up. Working at its currently capacity it is thought that the mine will operate until around 2021. You can be sure that using specialist equipment such as the Pneumatic conveying systems that you can find from would help to speed up the transportation of these gems.

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Jwaneng is found in Botswana and is the eighth largest diamond mine in the world with diamond reserves of around 88.3 Million carats having been opened in 1982. It you took the value of the mine as the category factor then Jwaneng would be classes as the world’s richest mine. It is owned and managed by Debswana which is a joint partnership between De Beers and the government in Botswana. Debswana manages four mines in Botswana and Jwaneng accounts for around 70% of the company’s total revenue. In 2012 the mine produced around 8.2 Million carats of diamonds. There has been a project underway at the site for the last few years known as ‘Cut-8’ which is aimed to extend the working life of the mine to around 2025.

Orapa is the 9th largest diamond mine in the world and is also located in Botswana with around 85.7 Million carats of diamond reserves at the site. It opened in 1971 making it the oldest of the mines owned by Debswana. Orapa mines diamonds from one of the largest kimberlite pipes in the world and it spans an area of around 118km2 at its surface opening. In 2012 11.1 Million carats of diamonds were mined from the site making it one of the largest diamond mines in terms of production.

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So next time you are admiring the beauty of your diamond ring you never know your diamond may have travelled from the depths of one of these incredible mines.

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