The Pros and Cons of Merino Wool

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The Merino sheep produces one of the finest wools available. Merino wool provokes thoughts of super softness and a premium quality product, but is it really as great as it’s made out to be?

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The fibres that make up Merino wool are longer than most other types of wool. This allows it to absorb less water than other fabrics, meaning it can stay dry on even the sweatiest of wearers or the rainiest of days. It will keep you cool on a warm day and hot on a cold day, meaning it can be worn all year round. There’s no need to store your Merino in the attic during the summer months!

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Merino is soft in wool terms, making it much less likely to itch the way your Grandma’s homemade jumpers would. But it’s not silk, so compared to other types of material outside the wool family, it isn’t as soft as people claim. However, it is soft enough to be made into cute little clothes for babies, so it is good enough for us adults.


Premium wool comes at a premium cost, so buying an Irish Merino wool sweater won’t be kind to your wallet. It isn’t as durable as you might think for something that comes with a higher price tag. It can be machine-washed, but the fine fibres and lack of stretch mean that wear and tear can occur in areas like shirt elbows.

Creases and Sags

You can literally throw your favourite Merino into your weekend bag without a care in the world as it doesn’t wrinkle, and a large range of Irish Merino wool sweaters can be found here that won’t require any ironing! The fibres are naturally elastic, meaning clothing can stretch and go back to its original shape, so you won’t have any sagging or stretching of the material.


Your favourite Irish Merino wool sweater is good for the environment. Man-made fibres can take up to 200 years to biodegrade; 100% Merino only takes a matter of months!


Merino wool clothing can be pretty plain. It isn’t a massively versatile fabric and doesn’t come in psychedelic colours. Some might take this as a con, while others see the pro of being able to dress up a neutral sweater with a cool scarf or jewellery.

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