The most effective back massage techniques

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People can suffer from stress due to any situation that may occur during the day, week or month. There are different methods that can be carried out to treat it, one of them is relaxation, and there are also different factors to achieve such relaxation; One of these factors is a massage. We share the most effective back massage techniques; We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

There are different techniques that can be used when doing a good massage, and in this article, you will be seeing them. Are you ready to start? I want you to pay close attention because it can help you too much, okay? Let’s get started!

The most effective back massage techniques


It is a maneuver of the mobilization of superficial skin plans on other deeper planes. The tissue will be wide as is the laxity of the subcutaneous cellular tissue.

The physiotherapist’s hand will form only one unit next to the skin and will look for a completely controlled pressure with the deep tissues of the area being treated, it is the most important characteristic.

The technique is applied with the use of pulps, it requires a smaller contact surface than the one in the friction technique. Those characteristic movements are elliptical and circular, precise and brief.

It is important that you keep in mind that the maneuver has a hyperemia effect. Make sure the duration, because if it is exceeded, it can be analgesic and you do not want that.


This maneuver is the main and the best known in this whole world. It involves sliding or rubbing the hand over the skin, avoiding the sliding of underlying tissues.

As I told you recently, it is the best-known maneuver and is called Initial Maneuver, as it introduces all other massage sessions. It is used to culminate with the massage. It is one of the best back massage techniques.

The pace of the maneuver must be uniform and slow, fast rhythms will be left to achieve the warming effect.

The data I gave just came from the Surface Rub, but there is also a Deep Rub What is the difference? It is that in this type of friction deep tissues are reached: Fascias, vascular system, muscles, etc. What do you think about this technique, convinces you? Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.


It is the massage technique where parts or whole hands provide small light strokes with a rapid rhythm on the body of the person. Both hands should be placed in a hollowed-out position, this means that at the time of such blows, a completely hollow sound is heard. The movement to give these blows must start at the elbows to obtain more stability in the wrist.

This technique is an excellent stimulant, causes a great spray in a muscular frame, operates under the response of nerves. It is very important that they are repeatedly and continuously reserved in the area of ​​the lower back.


Did you think that all the techniques included a specific hand movement? No, it is not like that! In the compression technique, there is no movement of your fingers, only the area is pressed and compressed.

There are two types of compression, maintained or static and slip compression. There is only one point in common between these two types, it takes a lot of energy to carry them out. It is one of the best back massage techniques.

What is the technique about? The maneuver tries to compress the area, covering it between the fingers, the hand of the hands. The rhythm is very important and must be maintained, like the intensity, everything must be uniform and the effects that will be obtained will be homogeneous.

It is recommended that the duration be 30 to 60 seconds. But it will always be determined by the duration of the analgesic effect.


This massage technique is very important for its movements of crossing out. Basically, it consists of making successive movements using the ulnar edge that lies in the hand; the fingers give small blows with each other. The main feature of the technique is that repeated contact is lost on the person’s skin. It should be noted that the impact should be brief, the pressure very calibrated but without taking energy away from the movement.


Movements with a small oscillation, applying static pressure and making variations in rhythmic intensity; Vibration technique.

When carrying out these types of body massages, the hands should not lose the contact they have with the person’s skin. It is one of the best back massage techniques.

These techniques require suitable training, together with manual expertise, since in this way, the therapist will be able to achieve the necessary frequency without running out of time.

Techniques that adapt to basic massage

Torsions: The basis of this technique is kneading. It is used to decontract the person since shear forces are used in the area.

Shaking: It is derived from the vibration technique. It causes a relaxing and softening effect on the muscles. This technique serves a lot to relieve tension in legs and arms, also to correct muscle tone and accelerate circulation.

Pinching: Derived from ax and percussion techniques. This type of massage is performed in sports with shaking. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.



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