The beauty of a royal wedding.

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As a nation we have been lucky enough, over the last few years to have the privilege of watching the wedding of Megan Markle to Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Royal weddings are always something spectacular to watch and similarly to the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William these most recent weddings haven’t disappointed with the level of elegance. You often find many a famous face dressed in a variety of suits and beautiful dresses. We have been lucky enough that the weddings that have taken place over the last few years have been televised and as long as you  have a clear picture people were able to enjoy these spectacular sites. If you have an issue with your tv aerial or are missing one completely you should contact a TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham like to come and sort this out for you.

The ceremonies have been televised for all to see and some beautiful images taken of the happy couple by the royal photographers.

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Back to the royals. One of the most lavish weddings in recent memory was that of Queen Elizbeth II to Prince Philip. After doing a bit of research into their wedding a few key and interesting facts appeared.

Queen Elizabeth was the tenth royal family member to have been married at Westminster Abbey when her wedding took place on 20th November 1947 after a relatively short engagement of just four months. King Henry I and Princess Matilda were the first royal couple to get married in the Abbey back in 1100.

The wedding party was made up of the couple themselves, eight bridesmaids and two-page boys, with over 2000 guests invited to the wedding overall including some other royals and dignitaries such as The King of Iraq and Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg amongst others. As the ceremony was televised by the BBC it is thought over two hundred million people across the world watched the happy couple during their ceremony.

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The service was taken by the then Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York and a choir of 91 singers sang throughout the ceremony. The Queen arrived in a beautiful gown that was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell. The dress was produced in record time as the final design was only approved in the August, giving the seamstresses just three months to create the outstanding dress. The dress was of a fitted bodice design with a heart shaped neckline. The pointed low waist sitting just above the beautiful panelled skirt. It was made from an ivory coloured silk fabric and was adorned with crystals and around 10,000 seed pearls. As the wedding was just after the war, rationing was still in place and Queen Elizabeth had to use her rationing coupons for clothing to pay for her dress.

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