Social Selling Strategies to Generate Sales From Social Networks

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Selling is much more than knocking on doors, making cold calls and demonstrating the uses of the products. Buyers do not want to deal with sellers until they are convinced of what they want and thanks to these social selling strategies. This has completely changed the terrain for sales departments since if the public is online before making the purchase decision, this is precisely the place where they should attack. So for those looking for an innovative and creative way to anticipate the needs of potential customers, this is the article they need to read.

Social selling strategies

Social Selling allows any company to gain digital authority in its area, the basis of almost any Digital Marketing plan that has been developed.

1. Define the brand

Users like to interact with brands similar to a person, that is, they feel that they are talking to a human being, not a company or a machine.

Sharing the organization’s experience, skills, and real customer satisfaction cases can help create and define the company’s personal brand.

social selling strategies

2. Choose the ideal platforms

At this point, it is important to know the target audience very well. In this way, the platforms and social networks closest to them and where they spend most of their time online will be known.

Once this is done, they prioritize one another in a matter of relevance and establish specific strategies for each of them.

3. Identify keywords

The keywords are those terms that allow companies to understand the context in which customers look for information related to them.

There are tools and keyword search engines to optimize the contents of the inbound marketing strategy, with the intention that it is well-positioned and expose itself to the target audience.

4. Design the content strategy

When having the platforms and keywords identified, it is time to determine what type of content is ideal to share.

This is the cornerstone of Social Selling strategies, so you should be focused on sharing valuable and relevant content to help potential clients make good decisions about meeting their needs. All this allows companies to gain a good image and credibility in the market in the long run.

It is important that you have a good portion of original materials and a part is dedicated to sharing content from other sources related to the company and providing the organization’s perspective on this issue.

social selling strategies

5. Establish relationships

This is also what Social Selling is about, relating to the company’s contacts. Keeping an eye on their posts, interacting, commenting and starting a conversation is a good way to do it.

6. Pay attention to customer needs

We have already mentioned it previously because it is essential for Social Selling. Identifying the needs and interests of contacts, and using social listening tools like Google Alerts to monitor what is being said online about the industry and competitors is the ideal way to meet it.

7. Establish indicators

Measuring the impact of the Social Selling strategy periodically based on the objectives set at the beginning of it is essential to have an effective perspective.

This varies according to what is important for the company within a certain period, such as the level of sales, lead generation, among others.

Social Selling, as a technique for inbound marketing, is to generate a connection with the ideal audience without establishing direct contact and invasive. It is a strategy based on building relationships with potential customers, to anticipate their needs and provide solutions at the right time.

It is important to make it clear that it is a process that takes time since it is necessary to know and measure the ideal profiles of the users to find the indicated means and tools to obtain the expected results.

Social Selling is not a direct conversion channel, but increasingly, the purchase process becomes a social activity and for this reason, it is so important that companies understand the scope of this method and consider it as a real possibility for application within your social selling strategies.

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