Silvia Pinal Spouse, Awards, Net Worth and Lifestyle

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Silvia Pinal is a Mexican actress. She was born in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. It is very popular in the Mexican entertainment world. Her most prominent role and the one that brought him fame was in a play by Luis Buñuel called Viridiana (1961), who was the protagonist. Silvia Pinal’s spouses are Tulio Hernandez Gomez, Gustavo Alatriste, Enriques Guzman and Rafael Banquells.

She had previously acted in works such as Goodbye, Mimí Pompón (1960), by director Luis Marquina, and Maribel and the strange family (1960), directed by José María Forqué. Her training came from years ago. She was supported by actor and director Rafael Banquells.

Earlier life of Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal

Pinal moved to Spain with Tulio Demicheli, the Argentine filmmaker who supported her career a lot. By 1948 she debuted at the cinema in Bamba by Miguel Contreras Torres. Something that made her very popular was her husky and sensual voice and physical appeal, she gave life to a young Veracruz woman, pregnant by the villain Tito Junco. The folk melodrama had several criticisms years later for the macho and prejudiced biases. Years later, she acted in Laura’s Sin, directed by Julian Soler.

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In the 50s, she performed in El Rey del Barrio and La Marca del Zorrillo, were two successes in the Mexican country. After that, it was located at the level of stars like Pedro Infante, Marga López, or Silvia Derbez. Sometimes they shared a cast. At this time, she was also in El Inocente (1955), by Rogelio A. González. Then she demonstrated her versatility in:

  • Lend me your body
  • A gulf and Undress
  • Lucrecia

The papal assumed by Pinal was characterized by being complex, in the sense that she had to give life to prostitutes or women who were involved in extramarital relationships, all these papal challenged her to assume libertine attitudes. Her work was admired both in Mexico and in Spain. We must indicate that in Spain it was easier because of the lack of censorship in the field of entertainment. In Spain, she had the opportunity to act with Rubén Rojo in Las locuras de Bárbara (1958) and Alberto Closas in Charleston (1959). She showed her erotic attitude in the films she recorded in the European country.

His stay in this country allowed him to marry producer Gustavo Alatriste. She also met Luis Buñuel. From now on, it was seen in Viridiana (1961), the exterminating Angel (1962) and Simon of the desert (1965). One of her most admired performances was in Simon of the desert. Pinal assumed the role of Diablo. Her career had a certain pause for her new marriage commitment to the popular singer Enrique Guzmán. Both were protagonists in How there are scoundrel people! (1971), by René Cardona Jr. She later starred in musical comedies (Mame and Hello, Dolly!).

He reached the degree of “great lady” within the Mexican show. Her children (Silvia Pasquel and Viridiana Alatriste, singer Alejandra Guzmán, musician Enrique Guzmán Jr.) and even her granddaughter, pop singer Stephanie Salas have inherited the artistic talent of Silvia Pinal. Recently it has been recognized by Television, a television series based on the life of Pinal of the production company Carla Estrada was launched. The series is titled Silvia Pinal, in front of you. Pinal is played by Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral.


She entered the world of politics after marrying Tulio Hernández, a Mexican politician, so she actively participated in trade union movements. For example, she was a member of the “Rosa Mexicano” form of Dolores del Río. Until the year of 1995, she was the leader of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) of Mexico. Five years later, she had legal problems due to her management at the Association of Theater Producers (Protea). Then, she was declared innocent. Between 2010 and 2014, she assumed the position of general secretary of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) of Mexico. Her contribution was very important.

Net Worth

Silvia Pinal’s net worth is about 1 million US dollars. She is now over 70 years. She provided assistance to the elderly actors through the Rafael Banquells AC Association and is also in charge of delivering the Bravo Awards to the most prominent in all fields of audiovisual art. Silvia Pinal’s spouses are very good and she earned money for them.

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