Red hair dry: the expert's advice

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If during the holidays you felt like a change of color and you have decided that red hair (in all its shades!) Is not bad, here is everything you need to know before getting this color and the advice comes directly from an industry expert.

Whether it’s the warmer shades of a Warm Copper or a Burgundy, or a coppery balayage, or a bright red, know that if you have brown hair you can switch to red hair dry without problems and without drama, provided you rely on a good hairdresser and that you will have to take care of it with hair products ad hoc, so that you will maintain the brilliance and intensity of the beginning. Before going from brunette to red, here are the tips that John Miguel Vecina, color expert at Coolday, gave to Cosmo ES and that we did not miss.

Red hair dry, tips for making and maintaining a perfect red color

Like all hair colors, even red can be declined in many different shades: from the most delicate ones to the warmest ones, up to the most bright and fluorescent ones. Regardless of the red hair color you choose, we provide you with some info about the coloring process you may face, and above all how to take care of it, since it is one of the colors that more easily tends to fade and lose shine.

It is not always necessary to do a discoloration

If you start from a natural brown hair base, you can lighten up to 3 shades without having to do a bleach first. Also, as brown hair may have shades ranging from darker to ash blonde, it could affect the different shades of red you might get. This is why it is important to contact a specialist to dye your hair red, not only because he will be able to create the perfect mix to make your hair look the red you want, but because if you have any doubts, he could also advise you what type of red shade it is. suitable for your eye color and complexion. The extra tip of Vecina is that you could also start with a red balayage or desired highlights(in the meantime, see how you feel with this new color) so that the next color you can create a personalized red color full of movement.

If you already have dyed hairRed hair dry

If you already have dyed hair, the process of getting your red hair is different. If the color is not strong and aggressive, it must be depigmented, eliminating the reflections it has and then proceeds with the red coloring. This gets a little more challenging if you have a dye that has required the previous discoloration. Here your hairdresser will have to proceed to remove the dye and leave the color bleached, then pure pigments without oxidant must be applied to the hair so that your future red dye does not fade at the first wash, and on these the red color must then be applied. Challenging yes, but doable, so don’t be put off if you want your red hair.

Red hair care is essential

  • Whether you have opted for a uniform color over the entire hair, highlights, color baths, or natural color with henna, know that red color tends to fade and therefore fade very quickly. Ergo, you’ll have to put in some effort if you want to keep your red tint bright and glowing for as long as possible. Here are the tips to do it.
  • Protect your hair from the sun because our beloved star makes the color fade quickly and red is among the most sensitive.
  • As with all colors, frequent washing is not suitable because it dulls the hair making it lose its original shine, so choose to use alternative hair products such as dry shampoo.
  • When you wash your hair, use warm or cold water. Yes, we know that it is not really the best to wash your hair with cold water, but the hot one opens the cuticles and bye-bye red pigments. Meanwhile, we told you …
  • Use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, even better if sulfate-free, and make hair masks that have an acid pH, which stabilize the alkalinity of dyed hair, in addition to the fact that they will hydrate it to avoid the dry effect.

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