Negative Space introductions

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When you are creating your company’s website, there is a huge amount of information you want to communicate to potential customers as efficiently as possible. This can, however, easily lead to overcrowded pages, where it becomes more difficult for visitors to find the information they are looking for and therefore less likely to become customers.

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That is where negative space comes into play. Also known as white space, negative space refers to intentionally unused space around elements, often in a very neutral or background colour, which is used to improve readability and make the website more easily navigable by creating a content hierarchy.

Negative Space Improves Readability

When you encounter a page that is absolutely crammed full of information, it is overwhelming – regardless of how well written the content is, it becomes difficult to read and can drive you to find a different source.

Negative space is used to remedy this by creating visible breaks between concepts, giving users easily compartmentalized information and improving the readability and therefore usability of the web page.

Intelligent use of negative space, as you will get from an experienced web development company in London, helps to create a content hierarchy, making navigation clear while retaining a stylish contemporary look.

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Negative Space Controls User Focus

To use negative space properly requires experience. For instance, Drupal Development Agency                at links like and will be able to intelligently use negative space to control the page focus and highlight the important information.

Negative space can be used to emphasize or de-emphasize elements, making important content ‘pop’ much more and draw visitor focus without simply being oversized or overwhelming.

This allows you to highlight a key message through design and drive the ‘flow’ of your website, drawing the user through a narrative you create with your on-site content.

Negative space is an important element in web design, but it requires a great deal of skill to execute correctly. Overuse of negative space can lead to pages feeling sparse and even to be frustrating in that they have too little content.

While in the hands of an inexperienced developer white space can create a slew of problems, a professional can avoid the monotony that blank space could bring by creating a balanced and pleasant experience which highlights the key elements of your site.

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