Multilingual Business Tips

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Research shows that customers stay twice as long and are four times more likely to purchase from a website that speaks in their native tongue, but what are the practical implications of updating for the multilingual audience?

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Website Content Matters

Translating your website doesn’t necessarily mean starting again. It’s all about content. Although there are software-based options available, some even free, it’s important to edit content with search engine optimisation in mind. If you are unsure about the type of content or the relevance then you could try seo belfast agency ryco marketing who provide SEO Belfast way.  They will walk you through what you need to know and possibly talk about on page and off page content.  For example, your car sales website might contain the phrase ‘set of wheels’. You must consider whether and how that might translate. This principle feeds directly into your keywords, too.

Get the Homepage Right

This may seem obvious but people often make the mistake of having too much going on. If you’re to attract global audiences, simplicity is best. This extends to the site navigation, which should be universal, consistent and logical for the end user. It’s really worth taking the time to make sure. Perhaps even testing your site with feedback from multilingual users.


Look to digital assets and to site analytics to decide whether to spend on URL acquisitions. From which markets does your current traffic originate? How well known is your top-level domain (TLD)? Should you go with a subdirectory or subdomain? These analyses may even point towards customer surveys. Whatever methods you use, your goal is to make domain name standardisation work for you. Companies ensure consistency and, on the back of your research, you may even be inspired to get involved.

Finding Opportunity

A growing consideration is funding opportunities for bi-lingual work. Here in the UK, Welsh language development is actively funded by government bodies. There’s an increasing emphasis on digital media and technology. So, if you were offering web design you may even want to participate with funded projects based around languages.

Branded Social Media

Expand your horizons and proceed with alertness to a country’s digital ethos. For example, if your target market is China, where Twitter is still banned, you would be wiser to spend money elsewhere. Be aware that sticking up a few Facebook pages might be a waste of time and resources.

Follow these tips and you’ll be doing your bit for the global internet community, and most importantly, for your customers.

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