Mamajuana Recipe: How to Prepare at Home

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The Mamajuana is a typical liqueur of the Dominican Republic and exalted for its various beneficial and curative properties. First of all, the aphrodisiac one. The Dominican people have always attributed the ability to increase the sexual vitality of men and women to this liqueur. If you wanna make Mamajuana at home, follow our Mamajuana recipe.

What do you need for Mamajuana recipe?

  • 2-liter empty bottle
  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • Honey
  • Rum (just under a fifth)
  • Spices for Mama Juana

Sweetish or slightly acid-flavored, Mamajuana is part of Dominican culture and history. It is said that the Native Indians were the first to taste this mixture of rum, wine, honey and aromatic herbs. The preparation of the alcoholic beverage is very easy and it takes only a few minutes to be able to sip it with friends.

In a liqueur bottle, the wine is left to soak for a week with aromatic herbs, usually cinnamon, maguei, canelilla, timacle, marabeli, guayacĂ n, clavo, dulce, anis, pasas and pega palo. During the whole maceration time, the bottle must never be covered with the cap.

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After the week, the wine is poured away and the honey is added in quantity to taste, the red or white wine up to half a bottle and the rum to the other half. At this point, the Mamajuana is ready to be tasted, but to get an even better taste, just leave it to rest for as long as possible. It is advisable to prepare Mamajuana every time using the same aromatic herbs, for five consecutive years.

mamajuana recipe

Find some local ingredients

This is impossible to do if you live outside the Caribbean. Fortunately, you can order the necessary spices through the Internet. Due to different rules and regulations around the world, Mama Juana spices are shipped as a dry seasoning. If you want to make the authentic version, you will need expensive (Dominican grass), anamĂș (tree bark), brazil (Dominican grass), marabeli (Dominican grass), maguey leaf, cloves, climbing bohuco) and chamomile.

Mix the ingredients

Wash a large bottle that can hold a fifth or two liters of alcohol. Some people will let a bottle of gin rest for weeks. You don’t have to do it, but make sure the bottle is sterilized and washed.

Fill 90% of the bottle with dark Dominican rum

Most rums are around 40 trials (20% alcohol). Fill the rest of the bottle with red wine and honey. You can use light rum and this will give you a different flavor. Mama Juana recipes are unique throughout the Dominican territory. Try different types of rum to find a flavor to your liking. Add fruit like raisins, lime and orange for a fruity taste.

Let the bottle rest for at least three days. The longer the bottle lasts, the softer the taste. Mix your Mama Juana with rum for a relaxing drink after dinner or to create a romantic atmosphere.

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