Lord Sugar could call you his next apprentice

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Applications are now being taken for the 2020 series of The Apprentice. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, then quite frankly, where have you been? The Apprentice is a reality game show in which businessmen and women go head to head in various challenges to win an investment of a quarter of a million from Lord Alan Sugar, a business magnate. This investment can be used for a business venture created by the winner with Lord Sugar as owner of half of that venture. It’s a cut throat environment and pretty soon the candidates are felled one by one by Sugar himself with the infamous catchphrase ‘You’re fired!’ The candidates get to his office but have to wait to be called in by Lord sugar by his receptionist. Being that he has a lot of money he has a great selection of Reception Chairs to choose from although your not there long before you have to move into his office to meet the man himself. He is very good wit money and likes a bargain so i’m sure he shopped at sites like www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/.

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So what are the traits of a successful businessman or woman? What qualities does it take to lead the pack in an ever increasingly competitive workplace?

A good leader is someone who inspires confidence and to have this it helps to have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

Focus is also a necessity. Much of management is about making unpopular decisions for the right reasons. The little things cannot control your thoughts or you will get bogged down in trivia. You need to remain undistracted and be the one to get the serious things done and not be afraid to upset a few folk on your way. Of course, that does not mean that an equal balance of generosity and kindness cannot be achieved when the occasion calls for it.

Don’t try to be something you are not. Be 100% you even with your flaws and hang ups. Be honest, transparent, passionate and remember that people like to know who they’re dealing with and it will make life easier if you are consistent.

Be an inspiration and motivation to others. Don’t close yourself off and think that you don’t owe anybody anything. At some point you must have been inspired by someone and so share the encouragement and help others to get on in life.

Be passionate and love what you do and this will link in to the above useful qualities for great leadership. No matter how successful you are, it must never be enough so keep aiming higher as what you do is your way of life.

Be open-minded because determination to succeed does not mean rigidly sticking to one idea no matter what. Listen to others, learn new concepts and always stay innovative.


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