How to choose the treadmill

choose the treadmill

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If you are looking for equipment for your home gym, the treadmill is – without a doubt – one of the best choices. In fact, working with a single instrument it is possible to keep fit and healthy, optimizing every performance.

Such as? Nothing could be simpler. It is enough to apply yourself with perseverance but more than anything else is and before starting the training, you need to purchase an instrument that is adapted to your individual needs and contact a trusted retailer.

The treadmill is an extremely versatile, efficient and functional machine. It can be used to lose weight, tone muscles, improve physical endurance or the cardiovascular system … in other words, who has the most.

Main Technical Features

Once you understand what the goal is to achieve, you move on to choosing the model. The market offers many types of treadmills. Of various prices, brands and above all characterized by different technical characteristics.

The tape measures are certainly one of the fundamental elements to be taken into consideration to arrive at a good choice. In accordance with the standards established by the dimensions of the running surface must not be below 40x120cm. This is to avoid unpleasant problems such as falls or injuries. Moreover, if the intention is to make simple fast walks, the length of the tape can stop at 130 cm. Instead, it extends up to 170-190 cm depending on the maximum speed reached during the run and the height of the user.

Another important peculiarity is the engine power. Professional machines are equipped with AC motors, while those for home fitness have DC motors because they are easier to manage and maintain in the event of breakdowns. In general, it is advisable to opt for a motor with power between at least 1.5 Hp and 2.0 Hp.

On the market there are also cheaper models of treadmills, with a “manual” push: these are the so-called magnetic treadmills. Even if sold at a much lower price than the electric ones, it is important to keep in mind that their use is more tiring than an electric model.

The functions should not be forgotten. Among the best known are …

  • The percentage of slope (which allows to increase the intensity of training without having to increase speed)
  • Number of speed and resistance levels
  • Various predefined and customized programs

How to save intelligently

An aspect that can have a significant impact on the purchase of the equipment is of course its overall cost. Yet there is no need to worry too much. The proposed models are numerous and guarantee high-level performance, even if at a low price.

To save money without having unpleasant surprises it is sufficient to keep an eye on offers, promotions and discounts available. Furthermore, if you are not a real champion and your daily training sessions are still at a basic level … why buy a full-service carpet? It will be rich in comfort, but storage compartments, super sophisticated consoles, MP3 inputs or USB sticks and built-in fans are accessories that can be dispensed with and that dramatically increase the final price of the product.

One last note: if you want to save some extra money, it is better to use magnetic carpets . Since they are not equipped with an internal motor, they have a much lower price than their electric alternative. Obviously, the services offered are also minor.

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