How we used to bend metal.

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The modern world has meant that we need to get more out of metal and we need it to get into more complicated shapes. Before the invention of bending machines the job was a pretty laborious process and it did not always give the best results when we did it. However with  equipement like the Euromac Bending Machines we are now able to bend metal in a variety of shapes using torsion, offset or Edgeware bending techniques.

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So what did we do before we had Bending Machines from Euromac and the like. There is much in the way of evidence to suggest metal bending has been around since early human civilisations discovered bronze and iron. The process of heating up the metal till it was molten and then poured into a mold was soon developed. However the bending part was a lot more complicated. The process was a great skill, usually done by a blacksmith or an Armourer.

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This is where the anvil is needed. The flat and curved ends were used to shape curvature into metal. This was usually done by being pounded by the Smith until it was correct. As with any manual process the industrial revolution increased the demand and a mechanised process was developed that we have today.

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