How to Write a Song? Complete Guideline for Beginners

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If you are a music lover and you look at the lyrics of the songs you listen to, surely you have ever set out to write your own songs … or maybe you already do! Be that as it may, creating is the most special and artistic thing that people can do, and although it is a capacity that does not always develop as we would like, there are tricks that you can put into practice to improve. Here, we explain how to compose a song and how to write a song. Take note!

How to write a song?

If you have the pleasure of knowing how to express yourself through words and turn your feelings into music, this article will delight you. If, on the other hand, you are starting to write your songs and you don’t really know how to continue, the following step-by-step guide will help you get out of the rut.

Few lyrics come from the heart like those that belong to love songs, characterized by speaking of deep feelings that we often do not know how to communicate with words. If you are wondering how to write a love song, you should follow this process:

Choose the theme: Within the love songs, there are different themes (songs of falling in love for the first time, songs of heartbreak, songs of nostalgia, etc.). Once you have chosen the theme, brainstorm with phrases that convey what you want to communicate with your lyrics.

Write each sentence that comes out of your feelings: Even if it comes up randomly, it is important that you do not set limits. Later you can give shape and meaning to the idea but, until now, let your thoughts flow naturally.

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Take other reference songs: Something you can do is find a song you like and change the lyrics to associate the melody with the words. Depending on the rhythm you create later, you can modify some parts of the lyrics.

Structure the lyrics of your song well: decide how many verses you want to include and how they will be distributed throughout the song. Most songs have a first verse, a pre-chorus, a chorus, a second verse, the same pre-chorus and chorus, a bridge or interlude, and a last repetition of the chorus. You can modify this structure as you wish.

Another idea is to listen to lyrics by other composers to inspire you, but it is very important to gradually transmit your feelings and shape them so that they become your own song. If you play an instrument, it will be much easier for you to accompany the lyrics of a melody.

How to write a song

Write a rap song

Although it is true that rap is a very different style of music from the previous one, because more than singing it consists of speaking with a certain rhythm over some beats, the lyrics of this genre follow quite marked guidelines. What you should keep in mind is that a rap song always tries to give a specific message, usually on relevant topics of the moment such as social struggles, although they also talk about love, heartbreak and other more common themes. These are some of the points to remember if you want to write a rap song:

Be clear about what you want to rap about: Think about the message you are going to give and how you are going to transmit it. In the world of rap, lyrics prevail over social conflicts, so if your topic gets closer, it will be easier for you to find good reference songs.

Prepare the structure well: The structure is usually the same in most rap songs: 2-3 verses, 1 chorus, 2-3 more verses and again chorus. There are songs that have an interlude and others that add more verses, depending on the creativity of each one.

The concept of the lyrics must hook: Rap is a very direct style in which the concepts of the songs are usually very clear. Don’t be obsessed with looking for metaphors and allegories as if it were a love song, be direct and make sure the concept engages.

Look for rhymes in all the lyrics: The great rap legends are great rhymers. In addition to getting inspired by some of your favorite songs, you must remember that rhymes don’t have to be perfect and exact, don’t get obsessed with it. A key tip? Search the Internet for rhyming pages that offer vocabulary to rhyme each of your words.

Write a reggaeton song

In the case of reggaeton, we are dealing with a musical style that, as we mentioned with rap, has quite marked guidelines and usually follows a similar structure. It is a genre that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and, in addition, it does not usually have extremely developed or complex lyrics, so it can be quite simple. Wondering how to write a reggaeton song? Then follow the advice that we propose below:

Focus on the base: to write a good reggaeton song, the essential thing would be that you first create a musical base (you can help yourself with online programs or basic apps, the goal is to have a clear idea). Once you know how to compose a song and have the beat, it will be much easier for you to work on the lyrics.

Don’t complicate yourself: the goal of a reggaeton song is to make it catchy, lively and, above all, to invite you to dance. For this reason, it is important that you do not complicate yourself, that you choose a simple and easy to understand the theme.

Follow the simple structure: Guide yourself through the simple structure that we have already discussed. Many reggaeton songs usually start with the chorus, then sing a verse (or two) and again the chorus. Before this chorus you can put a pre-chorus, everything will depend on your tastes. Add two more verses, the same chorus repeated and close with a bridge (optional, of course) and the chorus one last time. Limit the verses and make sure not to overly complicate the chorus; repeating words is a good idea for people to stick with the song.

Once you know how to write a song with a clear structure, learning how to compose an entire song with its rhythm and melody will be much easier.

Themes to write a song

As we have said, the first step to learning how to write a song is to choose well the topic you want to talk about. However, as much as you know the different genres of music that exist, we know that being creative is not always as easy as it seems. These are some themes to write a song that we propose:

  • Love: love at first sight, love of youth, platonic love, true love, etc.
  • Heartbreak: breakups, unrequited love, lost love, complicated relationships, toxic relationships, etc.
    Friendship: the years of youth, the importance of friendship, song for your best friend, having a good time with friends, etc.
  • Family: the importance of family love, songs for a father or a mother, song for a brother or sister, toxic family, being away from family, etc.
  • Social conflicts: political and social injustices, conflictive relationships, loneliness and poverty, etc.

We hope that these tips on how to write a song and these suggestions for topics to write a song will help you.

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