How to Reset Network Settings iPhone

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If the iPhone connection is slow or not, there are problems related to the network settings. A malfunctioning network prevents iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. This can result in slowing down or failure to load web pages. How to solve the problem? Simple! Follow the recommendations carefully. We will show you how to reset the network settings iPhone.

How to reset network settings iphone?

If the network settings create problems, enter the? Airplane use? Mode on the iPhone. Wait at least ten seconds before deactivating it. The iPhone should be able to capture the network again. Alternatively, try turning the sim off and on. Reboot again, waiting for the phone to acquire the network.

Check the software update

To restore the network settings, you can check the iOS software update. In fact, an outdated application can cause the connection settings to malfunction. To check the software version, go to Settings> General. Continue to the item? Software Update? and press. This procedure may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

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Use the “Restore” command

Among the tips to restore the network settings of your iPhone, there is the item? General ?. With a simple procedure, it will help you to restore your internet connection without problems. Can you access the command via the menu? Settings? of your iPhone. Scroll down to select Reset> Reset Network Settings. Once done, simply re-enter the password for Wi-Fi networks. Set up the VPN as well, to completely solve the problem.

Contact the telephone operator

If you cannot restore the network settings on iPhone yourself, contact your service provider. You can check if the problem stems from an inappropriate data plan. You can review the possible presence of an account lockout. In addition, it will be able to identify any error messages. With its help, you can easily restore network settings.

Configure iPhone as new

As a last resort, start iPhone reset to basic settings. By activating this command, the device will lose all the data returning to the factory settings. Before performing the restore, we suggest that you make a full backup on your PC. In this way, you will be able not to lose the data contained inside the device. Then, press on Settings> General. Continue on the item Restore> Erase content and settings. Complete the operation by selecting? Configure as new iPhone?

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