How to Open a Locked File Cabinet

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You have closed the file cabinet of your office to protect its contents and then lost the key. You are probably desperate to get your important files. There is no need to panic. The lock on your file cabinet provides really little security. In fact, the lock can be opened with nothing more than two paper clips. You can complete the job even faster with a locksmith kit.

How to open a locked file cabinet?

How to Open a Locked File Cabinet

Unfold two paper clips, creating a hook at the end of each. You will use this hook end to slide the pins into the unlocked position inside the lock.

Insert the end of the clip into the lock at the top. Wafer-shaped locks, those used in filing cabinets, are usually made with four pins. Your goal is to apply enough pressure on each of the pins to be able to remove them.

Apply pressure on the upper pin, located in the upper part of the lock. Press the pin with the end of the clip until you feel that it has moved and placed in place.

Move the next pin down. Apply a similar pressure to the side inside the lock, one level down from the first pin. You may need to apply considerable force. Move the pin to move it away.

Repeat the process with the two remaining pins.

Slide the first clip into the upper portion of the lock. Insert the second clip at the bottom of the lock. Move the two pins together to turn the lock. The file cabinet should now be easily opened.

If you find that you are dealing with a wafer-shaped lock that has two sides, meaning that two pins have to move at the same time, use a locksmith kit. These types of kits contain around pick. Insert it into the lock and move it around until the two pins snap into place.

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