How to match clothes: 7 rules for a perfect look

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Matching clothes may seem like a simple thing, but we don’t always manage to create the right look by combining clothing and colors well. Let’s see how to do it!

How to match clothes? For some it may seem like a simple gesture: after all, it’s about knowing how to match colors and dress decently. But is it really so? Choosing the right outfit is not always easy, it is not enough to be chromatically perfect, but you have to know how to choose the most suitable garments for your body, in order to enhance the strengths and camouflage the defects. There are rules for dressing well, you don’t have to be a supermodel but you have to opt for the clothes that suit you, combining them with taste and a pinch of creativity. With a little instinct and the right training, we can all make the right pairings.

How to match clothes without making mistakes

Even if we have to rely a little on instinct, when we have to choose our outfit there are some basic rules to follow. Let’s see together ideas and tricks to combine the garments in a perfect way.

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Organize the closet

To make our work easier, before combining the clothes, we organize the wardrobe so that we have everything under control and find the items that interest us in a short time. A little organization is enough and everything becomes easier:

remove all the items you never wear and make room for those you intend to wear;

put together all the skirts, then all the dresses, long dresses, t-shirts, etc…, so it will be easy to find everything;

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make sure you have basic sweaters and shirts, better in neutral colors such as black, beige, white, blue, some cardigans and jackets always in basic colors, easy to combine with skirts or trousers;

the same goes for the lower part, basic trousers, jeans, and skirts, perhaps a casual one and a tailor-made one.

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One of the first things to do to match clothes well is to understand which colors give us the most, to make the most of us. In this, the Itten circle can drive itself(in the photo): in the center, we find the primary colors: yellow, blue and red, then there are the secondary ones, which are obtained by combining the first three, and around there are the different shades and gradations of colors: it is to those that we have to do reference to match the colors in the right way.

We can create a combination with similar colors, those closest in the wheel, to create more harmonious and low contrasting combinations, or we can choose complementary colors, the opposite ones on the other side of the circle: in this case, the contrast will be more marked. . For this type of combination you need to have a little more experience to avoid going too far. Those who do not want to dare can choose neutral tones: black, beige, white, which can be easily combined,


To organize our outfit in a perfect way, we must choose the garments that suit our physicality in order to make the most of ourselves. If you are tall, the green light for long skirts and wide trousers also granted oversized pullovers and flat shoes. If you are thin, enhance your body by opting for softer lines, creating volume with the right overlaps. Those with a slimmer body and not very tall can choose straight trousers or skirts, but also denim shorts with a shirt in the same material: a suitable combination for girls. Heels are also good: medium height during the day and for work and high in the evening. Those with a softer body can opt for shirts and tops that enhance the décolleté by hiding the belly, with more flared skirts or dresses to bring out the shapes in the right way.

Basic clothing

The basic garments cannot be missing in the wardrobe, because that is where you start to create the outfits. To match the clothes, start focusing on the basics: a few colors that we will then enrich with accessories: black dress, jeans, t-shirt, and a white shirt, a colorful dress. Even the choice of material should not be underestimated for the combinations: a suede leather jacket is fine on a denim dress but not a silk garment. Starting with the basic is ideal when you are not an expert, then you can start adding particular items to combine with more sophisticated accessories.

Key leaders

The key garments are those that represent us, that make us feel at ease, but they can also be those that allow us to give an extra touch to anonymous clothing: for example, a floral dress can be combined with a green cardigan, so to recall the stem of the flower or a scarf. By key garments, we can therefore mean both those that make us feel safe because we already know that together they create the perfect match for us and those details that can give an extra touch to our outfit.

ShoesHow to match clothes

One of the basic rules is that we can combine a basic or classic look with more “visible” shoes, even colored ones, jewel models, or more extravagant and particular décolleté, while with more colorful and whimsical clothing it is better to choose neutral colors or unique colors.

Heels: they are good for those who are not very tall and are recommended for both short skirts and skinny fit pants. They can also be combined with jeans and a blouse to give an extra touch even in the evening.

Ballet flats: suitable for those who are tall and thin, to be combined with Capri pants, skirts and short dresses.

Sandals: there are the low jewel ones to combine in the evening for a casual look to give a chic touch under a dress, but also with trousers and a short skirt.

Sneakers: to be combined with sporty outfits but also under long skirts and palazzo pants.

Lace-up shoes: Lace-ups give that masculine touch and are very suitable for straight trousers, suits, and skirts that come to the knee.

Boots: the boot, which can be of different heights, is a shoe suitable for different outfits both during the day and in the evening. Never wear elegant long dresses.


Accessories complete our looks and make them different and special every time. We can combine the same jeans and the same t-shirt but, with a wide bag and sneakers, it is good for an informal daytime combination, while with a jeweled sandal with heel and a mini bag with sequins, combined with a necklace or bracelet details, it can go well as an evening outfit. We can also decide to rotate the clothing around an accessory: if we want to make a necklace stand out, we choose basic clothes so as not to distract attention from the accessory.

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