How to Insulate a Terrace? Follow These Steps

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If you intend to waterproof the terrace and you must also insulate a floor or some other area of ​​the house but you do not want to spend a large amount on the work of a professional, the advice is to read the next steps of this guide. Inside each one, you will find some useful tips on how to insulate a terrace and give your home more comfortable and above all fewer concerns intended in terms of infiltrations of rainwater or that of watering plants in the attic below.

How to insulate a terrace?

You will need:

  • Various slabs
  • Glue
  • Bituminous sheath
  • Gas torch
  • Bricklayer tools

how to insulate a terrace

Choose the right material

Waterproofing and insulating a part of the house may seem like a difficult job to do, but with the right advice and a few small tricks even less experienced people will be able to succeed in these simple operations. For the insulation of the terrace, use insulating material as a coating that can guarantee adequate thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Today, real companies are emerging on the web that offers these specific materials at very competitive prices. Some suitable insulating products that you can choose from are rock wool, glass wool, expanded polystyrene and polyethylene. Everyone will come into contact with the reinforced concrete before paving the terrace with tiles.

Lay the polyethylene sheets

Before starting the work it must be said that renovating some parts of your home can be done by yourself, only with the use of materials and equipment of excellent quality, and above all with small tricks to be taken into consideration in order to obtain a true result. extraordinary. The terrace, among other things, is a part of the house that may need numerous maintenance to remain efficient and functional for a long time. Having said this, before positioning the flooring, carefully insert specific slabs for insulation.

The latter are available both in DIY and hardware stores. To insulate a terrace if, for example, you have opted for the aforementioned polyethylene, it is necessary to assemble the slabs to perfection and position them carefully fixing them with the appropriate adhesives. If you prefer to lay them directly on a floor for laying, then carefully fix them next to each other. Once this is done, proceed to create a new concrete screed and then lay the new tiles.

Opt for the bituminous membrane

In the previous step of the guide with the suggestions provided, you will have insulated the terrace, but if your problem also concerns its waterproofing, then to obtain a good result, choose a bituminous material among those available on the market. One is the liquid one which is applied with a brush and is available in various shades of color such as black, brick red, white and light green. Alternatively, you can always use bituminous rolls.

The laying of the latter is a little more complicated but not difficult. In fact, after laying them on the ground, it is necessary to use a gas torch to compact with a process of melting the sheath between the joints. Get help from a practical friend of the do date, this will save you a lot of time and money.

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