How to have pretty eyes: natural methods against dull eyes

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The eye contour is very delicate, the skin becomes very thin and borders on the delicate mucous membranes. Irritations grow in the summer, thanks to the dazzling light of the sun, which should be shielded with filter creams and dark lenses. But also pollen in flight and allergies that affect the ocular mucous membranes, creating tearing and irritation. Chlorine in the pool and sunburns do not help: the lizard tan has the very expensive price of radiant wrinkles. The furrows of an exhausted skin that will have to deliver itself to the pricks of aesthetic medicine as soon as the time is no longer allied.

Here are our little secrets for pretty eyes

Rosehip oilHow to have pretty eyes

Rosehip oil is a natural estrogen, so its essence is dedicated to women after 45 when time sacrifices the hormone estrogen and a woman enters the climacteric. Therefore its power is hormonal and not just moisturizing. It should be applied in a thin layer, as an eye contour, in the evening before bed. For men, less interested in estrogen, wheat germ oil promotes the regeneration of the periocular skin, because it is naturally rich in vitamin E.

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Tea and chamomile

Even tea bags and chamomile tea. Do not throw them away, they can be useful for eye health.

A grandmother’s remedy, classic anti-dark circles, consists of placing two tea bags (or chamomile) on closed eyes and lying down for at least 10 minutes. The temperature must be cool, therefore the sachets should be immersed in cold water and then placed directly on the eyes. For children or after the sun, it is better to use chamomile tea bags. Excellent for those who rub their eyes too frequently.

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CalendulaHow to have pretty eyes

Calendula ointment is anti-inflammatory and soothing, perfect after hours spent in the sun to avoid waking up with swollen eyelids or irritation. It is also perfect for children who are refractory to hats, after the beach and the sand, after the saltwater that has irritated the eyes. It can also be used as a fresh decoction, combined for example with mallow, with a soaked gauze that can be passed on eyelids in the evening before bed.

Maritime Cineraria

The properties of the marine cineraria are not limited to the reduction of the dull eye. But it is also used in case of allergic conjunctivitis and inflammatory manifestations.

The maritime cinerarium is a plant that grows spontaneously on our coasts and gives us a special homeopathic remedy for allergy sufferers. Your eye drops can be used preventively as soon as you enter your personal critical period. But it is in the acute that its power is best expressed since this remedy is excellent for allergic conjunctivitis even at their peak.

This is the number one remedy for styes and cracking irritations. Many people suffer from the constant formation of small cuts in the corners of the eyes. Or have close recrudescences of the sty, with the classic stinging pain and redness of the eyelid. In this case, the remedy is taken by mouth, at the 9 CH dilution, 5 granules before breakfast and dinner to be dissolved in the mouth.

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There is a series of exercises to help keep your eyes beautiful and wrinkle-free.  The program is simple and takes very little time.

There is a series of exercises to help keep your eyes beautiful and wrinkle-free. The program is simple and takes very little time.

Each of the following exercises must be held for 5 seconds and practiced 5 times in a row. Ideally, you should stand in front of the mirror, at least for the first few times, to understand if the eyes respond symmetrically.

How to have pretty eyes

Hold the eyebrows between thumb and forefinger and massage them slowly, a soft vibration. Meanwhile, push your gaze to the right and left, up and down, always very slowly: a too fast eye rotation can cause nausea similar to that induced by cervical, so go easy on it. This exercise is used for micro wrinkles and to train the gaze not to frown during common daily eye movements.

From eye to ear

Energetically massage the area behind the ear with all your fingers and try to stretch it outwards as if to dilate your eyes. Meanwhile, open your eyes as much as possible as if they were wide open. This exercise eliminates the lymphatic congestion of the annoying bags that weigh down the eyes.

Toned eyelid

To tone the eyelid muscles and eliminate the dull look of drooping eyelids, just close the eyes and place only the tip of the index finger on the eyelid. At this point, you have to try to open your eyes while the fingertips keep the eyelids closed and resist.

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