How to grow long nails? 5 very useful tips!

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Do your nails break too easily and you can’t grow them as you would like? In this article, you will find 5  tips to grow long, healthy, and beautiful nails! It only takes a few minutes a day and a little attention to some details to get the first results immediately and finally show off the manicure you’ve always wanted.

1) Stop biting your nails!

The first step in growing long and healthy nails is to definitely stop eating them! There are several bitter nail polishes on the market that you can buy to say goodbye to this bad habit.

If you just can’t stop trying to follow the tips in this article and you will see that it will be easier to get the first improvements!

2) For long and healthy nails nourish and pamper them!

If you have nails that tend to break or are too soft and bend, you can significantly improve their growth by helping yourself with nourishing and moisturizing packs.

Creating an all-natural DIY beauty mask at home is really simple! Just a little yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon.

3) Always apply the protective base

The third fundamental tip is to always apply a protective base, possibly strengthening, on the nails before applying the nail polish. This will serve to protect them from the aggression of the color and other components present in the nail polish.

4) Proceed with a correct filing

A file is an essential tool for a correct manicure. However, if used incorrectly, it risks damaging the free edge (the white part, so to speak) creating micro-fractures that prevent the nails from growing long and healthy.

To proceed with a correct filing, a few small tricks are enough. Always proceed to move in the same direction avoiding “back and forth”. In this way, the surface will not heat up and no cracks will occur.

5) Always use gloves!

In everyday life between housekeeping, cooking, and children, our nails are constantly at risk of breaking! This is why it is very important to always use gloves when cleaning the house and every time you have your fingers soaked.

Furthermore, to make nails grow long and strong, it is advisable to protect them from the cold, wind, and bad weather that can dry them out making them brittle. In winter, cover your hands well, keep them warm and apply a specific cream often to moisturize them.long nails

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