How to Export Contacts From Windows Phone

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Many years have passed since the day you purchased your latest mobile phone, a common but excellent Windows phone. Like all mobile devices, however, after all this time it began to show the first défaillances and in the end you decided to buy a more updated and therefore less obsolete mobile phone, opting for another Android device or perhaps for a home phone Apple! You were setting up your new mobile phone but, between the insertion of one setting and another, you suddenly stopped in the grip of a terrible doubt: How do I export contacts from windows phone to the new device.

How to export contacts from windows phone?

You have no idea where to start to export contacts from windows phone? Quiet, I can assure you that you are neither the first nor the last to find you in this situation: Windows Phone is a very used operating system for smartphones and other mobile devices, in particular for Nokia mobiles, therefore it happens in many contexts to have the need to export or transfer contacts from your mobile phone. Do you want to find out the best and above all the fastest way that allows you to export, transfer or copy your contacts to another device? You have come to the right place: just take a few minutes to read this guide to know everything you need. Happy reading and good work!

export contacts from windows phone

You will need:

  • USB connection cable between smartphone and PC
  • Internet connection
  • E-mail accounts

Back up your address book

There are several methods that allow you to export, transfer or copy the contacts on your Windows Phone to another mobile device or a computer. Among these, the fastest and often the most effective is to backup contacts from the address book of your Android device. To back up your Windows Phone address book, you will need to follow some basic steps that will allow you to quickly export your contacts. Have you just opened the “Contacts” screen of your mobile phone but don’t you think there are some buttons through which you can transfer your address book? Don’t worry, I guarantee that exporting your contacts from Windows Phone is absolutely feasible and totally free.

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Export contacts via email

In case you want to export your contacts using the e-mail service, first, you will need to make sure you have a valid account of the type indicated above (Gmail or Outlook). If you do not have a similar account and want to create one, you will just follow the steps illustrated here in case you own an iPhone or here if you want to create an Outlook account instead. After creating the e-mail account that best suits your needs, all you have to do is set up the e-mail account on your mobile phone.

Once this is done, the synchronization of the contacts in your address book will be automatic: in this way you can view and manage your address book through your e-mail address. If, on the other hand, you wish to manually synchronize the export of your Windows Phone contacts, you will have to follow a different procedure based on the mail service you have chosen.

Synchronize export of contacts with Outlook manually

In case you have opted for an Outlook account, after configuring the messaging profile you can manually proceed with the synchronization of the contacts. Once the e-mail account has been started on your Windows Phone, you will see a red bar which, if clicked, will open a drop-down menu from which you can press the “manage” button. It will allow you to first select the item ” agenda »and, immediately afterward, the« Export contacts to Outlook »button. At this point you just have to save the updated list of contacts on your PC, accessing e-mail from your computer. If instead, you want to copy the same address book to other mobile devices with different operating systems, you will have to connect them together using a USB cable and paste the above file.

Export contacts via Gmail

If instead, you have chosen to rely on the e-mail provider Gmail, because it can be more easily accessible or perhaps because you have decided to replace the Windows Phone with an apple phone, exporting the contacts from your mobile phone will be extremely simple and quick. By configuring the Gmail account you have on your mobile device, synchronization will be automatic. If you have an iPhone, special attention must be paid to the final steps during configuration. After performing the authentication, in fact, a screen will appear with four different ticks that can be selected based on your needs.

Among these there are precisely the item “contacts”, which allows you to synchronize the address book of your mobile phone with that of all the devices you have, making it easy to manage the address book. Have you finally finished exporting all your contacts and are you ready to leave your old Windows Phone for a new and flamboyant mobile phone? Perfect, then have fun!

Exporting contacts from Windows Phone is simple and you can get an optimal result in several ways. Follow one of the illustrated procedures to guarantee the best result for your needs.

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