How to ensure your website supports your brand

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Your website is like the shop window of your business. It will be seen by thousands of people over the internet, so you should ensure that your website supports your brand and reflects it in the most positive light. Regardless of whether you are selling products or providing Visitor Management System software or apps such as there are a few things that you will want to ensure your website delivers.

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Your website and brand are just a couple of areas that make up the marketing of your business. If you are on a budget, getting it all to fit together is not an easy task. By focusing on key areas within your website, you will soon be on the right track. According to the Telegraph newspaper, the most effective approach to your branding is to keep things simple and make sure that you don’t use too much jargon.

Here are some points to consider when deciding if your design is a good fit.


Your brand means nothing if your website is not accurate. Have someone check it over to eliminate grammatical errors, check that your contact details are up to date, and ensure that any special offers have not expired. If anything about your operations or offerings changes, be sure that your website reflects this to avoid confusing and possibly disappointing your customers.


One of the biggest reasons that visitors leave a website is because it is not responsive enough. Google started penalising websites a few years ago for not having a responsive design. Therefore, you must make sure that your site is mobile friendly and is responsive to the various platforms people will use to view it. This is usually an area that requires specialist help.


Unless your brand is outlandish, your website should try to follow current trends in website design to attract your target audience. You don’t want your site to look dated. Keep your colours consistent and utilise them to fit in with your brand’s colour scheme.

Brand Guidelines

When you think about your brand and really analyse it, does your website follow the colours, fonts and various logos associated with your brand? Your brand logo should make its message clear and aid your customers in identifying you and what you do. Your logo should be instantly recognisable by your website visitors.

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