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Guidance should be taken as a broad process of education since these effects an individual, family. And therefore social level is part of the life cycle that students find their role. And manage to make the most pertinent decisions for their future. That is In other words, it integrates a psychological, affective, emotional, family, and community process.

Therefore, the professional orientation process aims to provide the necessary tools for you to make the best decision that provides a solution to your needs, encompassing your vocation, tastes, interests, and abilities.

Therefore, through this article we offer you some steps to discover careers, if you are confused, you do not know what to study or you are among several career options or tasks.

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  • You must discover and / or recognize what your tastes and interests are, from your daily life, consider what you invest your free time in and what degree of pleasure these activities generate you.
  • Discover your abilities and weaknesses, it is important to know where we stand out and what we must improve; You can ask yourself questions like in which subjects at school do I excel? How do others recognize me? What activities are the most difficult for me to do? You can also run questionnaires and/or activities to discover skills. And abilities to improve self-knowledge and in the same way, the perception we have of ourselves.

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  • From the skills, you recognized, perform a career search at the end, when you already have the career selection, look for information, what does it consist of? What are your fields of deepening or specialization? What are the possible job fields and current salary average?
  • With the above, carry out an analysis with each of the careers. And compare what strengths and weaknesses you have with respect to the demand for the career (internal), threats, and opportunities that they provide (external).
  • If you still have several options, go through the process of pros (benefits) and cons with each one (obstacles).
  • Make your life project with the career options that you have left, ask yourself if doing that will generate pleasure if you will feel fulfilled; And make the decision!

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Therefore, any orientation process must start from three factors:


  1. You need to have a clear understanding of yourself; skills, interests, resources, limitations and why they originate;
  2. Recognize what is required for success, what would be its advantages and disadvantages, rewards, in each of the different careers and tasks;
  3. Most importantly, a proper relationship between these two groups. When the process of motivation, self-knowledge, decision-making. The establishment of the life project is very difficult or the choice of the career is simply not reached. It is pertinent to seek help from professionals, where each of these processes is oriented. It is carried out in specialized tests, and provides a support network, starting with the family. These tips must help you to discover careers.

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