How to combat loneliness in your older friends or family

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Loneliness in the older populace is very normal, yet there are ways we can help our elderly friends and relatives to carry on mingling and socialising. Regardless of whether you have considered it or not, there are a few different ways to get your folks out and have them really develop their network of friends.

Taking them to the Gym

Being overly physical in old age isn’t recommended but regular gentle exercise is highly beneficial and could mean the difference between needing walker or wheelchair and being able to independently walk unassisted. After some time, the muscles of the body reduce, and it turns out to be difficult to stand and stroll without assistance. Besides the health aspect, there is the social angle. Many leisure centres and gyms offer classes for seniors that won’t surpass the restrictions of maturing bodies and provide an opportunity to socialise.

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Taking them to dinner

Going out to supper is a great method to get your older friends or family out of the house and into another environment. You may want to do family suppers at your house or regularly take them to their favourite restaurant.

Getting them involved in a Senior Centre

Local community halls, retirement villages and park home sites will offer centres with new activities to try and the chance to meet new individuals. Centres that provide classes and activities for older people are great for simply escaping the house. Perhaps there is little for them to do during the day yet having a senior centre as an alternative will be the contrast between having your folks carry on with a strong and dynamic life or just lonely and bored in front of the TV screen. For understanding the benefits of park home living, see Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire at

Help them with transport

It’s not always easy to offer lifts, especially when you’re working or have kids. Do some research into whether there are any Dial a Ride services in your area. If not, try to make time to be available regularly as that bit of escape and chance to socialise is the main thing that keeps people happy and motivates them.

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Consider games and hobbies

One well known approach to helping your older friends and family to mingle is to get them engaged with games like Bingo, Chess or any other game or hobby they enjoy. This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals.

If your older person already has a hobby that they are good at or show a lot of interest in, encourage them to get more involved and offer help with transport to get them to their clubs or meetings. Experts all agree that being idle and not engaging in activities is terrible for those in retirement, both physically and mentally.

By getting them increasingly involved in a leisure activity, they will be able to keep their minds sharp and get out and about with more likeminded people. They will get more exercise and be much happier for it!









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