How to clean commercial refrigeration

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In just about every commercial kitchen the refrigerator is not only one of the most crucial appliances, it is also the one that takes the most beating. That’s why keeping it clean is essential.

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This may sound like a simple task but it isn’t always easy, so these tips will help you ensure that your catering fridge stays in tiptop condition.

Turn it off and empty it out

As a safety precaution always turn your fridge off before you clean it. Then once it is off, empty everything out and remove any racks, shelving or trays. You can clean these separately, as if you clean them when in the fridge, you won’t get properly underneath them, and they will still be dirty. You may want to store items in Lin Bins like those available from whilst you clean the fridges.

Clean with the correct chemicals

It is important to remember that some chemicals cause a reaction with stainless steel, rubber or aluminium so you need to choose what you use carefully. You also need to make sure that you don’t choose a chemical that has a strong smell. This could mask the smell of food going off and then you’ll simply be contributing to an already large food waste issue.

Clean the seals and sides

A catering fridge has been designed for heavy duty use, and should be easy to clean too. This means you’ll be able to clean hinges, sides and gaskets with ease, and no mould or bacteria should be able to grow in small corners or tight spaces.

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Clean inside and out

The outside of the fridge is just as important in a way as the inside, as this is where you and your staff will be touching. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the handles and disinfect the doors so that they remain clean and sanitary. It’s also essential that you check and see if your fridge has a drainage cavity, and clean this out properly, as water that collects here can stagnate.

Dry it off

Moisture can lead to bacteria growth, so you need to carefully dry your fridge off before you finish. You can use roller towel to do this, as a towel or dishcloth can harbour germs and they will just be spread if you use this instead.

Keeping your fridge clean shouldn’t be too hard if you follow these steps on a regular basis.

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