How to buy condoms without being embarrassed

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If you’re having sex, then it’s perfectly normal to be buying condoms – but somehow we can end up feeling embarrassed! So why not plan ahead to avoid that awkward feeling when you find yourself in your local supermarket or pharmacy, trying to work out what you need.

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Plan ahead

Firstly, know what you are looking for. There are so many different condoms on the market and each offers something a little different – such as extra safe or extra sensitivity. Do your research so you can pick up what you need without having to hover!

Decide where to buy

You can get condoms from a variety of places. Your local pharmacy or supermarket is an obvious choice, but you can also get them for free from family planning clinics or even your doctor’s surgery. Convenience stores are another place to go for speed, and you can also find dispensers in various public restrooms.

Consider buying online

The entire process can also be carried out with complete discretion if you decide to buy your condoms online. You can carry out your research there and buy in bulk too. These tend to be cheaper, but just make sure you are buying from a reputable site which sells authentic products direct from the manufacturer.

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Stock up

If you buy small packs, then you’ll invariably need to go back for more sooner than you’d like. Buy large packs and then carry condoms with you in smaller packs. You can put them into pockets and bags, for example. When you stock up, consider buying home chlamydia testing kits Bexley wide too, for safety. Find out more about the chlamydia testing kits Bexley has available.

Buy discreetly

If you’re buying condoms in-store, then treat your purchase like any other and remember – no one is interested! Buy a few other items if necessary, so that you feel less obvious. Bear in mind that the staff see people buy condoms throughout the week, so they aren’t making mental notes!

Stay calm

Everyone who is sexually active will need to think about contraception, and most people will buy condoms at some point. Try to relax and not stress about it. The more you do it, the less you’ll even think about it. Eventually, it will become second-nature and as normal as buying toothpaste!

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