How to Brighten Up a Dark Staircase

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Some houses have a staircase that connects two floors. Its creation certainly requires compliance with building standards, in addition to local ones. But the presence of a staircase, in addition to its clear function, gives the home a decidedly special charm. The charm that can be increased, in an aesthetic sense. In fact, a staircase, in addition to being a structure that definitively marks a home, has truly unsuspected harmonious potential. If we want to embellish a staircase, here is how to brighten up a dark staircase.

How to brighten up a dark staircase?

To embellish a staircase, attention will have to be paid especially to its lighting. It is a type of structure in which the risk of accidents is more frequent. The lighting will depend on the shape of the staircase itself. In the case of a staircase leaning against a wall, wall sconces will be used.

how to brighten up a dark staircase

They will be placed at regular distances from each other, to obtain uniform lighting over the entire scale. Alternatively, spotlights can be installed at the top, which is also duly spaced; or at the bottom of the led lights. The stair railing is another element to consider. For example, it can accommodate small sculptures. While it will be good to embellish the sidewall with various paintings, or with our favorite framed photos.

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Step 1:

For the steps, it will depend on the material of the staircase: wood, brickwork or wrought iron. In the first case, we will be able to paint them uniformly, in the upper part, with our favorite color. We will choose the right material at a hardware store or DIY store. The front of the staircase can be personalized with drawings or phrases. Or we can paint it freehand, with the effect of a unique and original design. We will also use paint for the finish, in order to protect the staircase over time.

Step 2:

Another technique is that of wallpaper, with a rather delicate execution. You need to cover the front with decorations, such as flowers or a giant picture of a famous person. It is necessary to take the measurement of the risers of each step and transport them on the photo to be cut with precision. Then the cut pieces will be glued to the ladder, with the use of vinyl glue. At the end of the work, you will have the feeling of looking at a picture from below.

Step 3:

If the staircase is brick-built and has tiles, Greek can be created; thus giving an original touch to the house. We will be able to use the souvenirs of the various trips, pasting them in the risers. There is another simpler way to decorate a staircase for the Christmas holidays, making the environment magical with an explosion of colors. The use of garlands led lights, pine twigs and other Christmas accessories will be ideal. For masonry work, it will certainly be advisable to contact specialized personnel.

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