How to Boost Wifi Signal on Smartphone?

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Nowadays, surfing the net with your smartphone has become a totally common and normal procedure. This operation allows you to access the most varied content that today’s Internet can offer us, such as searches carried out, or in-depth news on your favorite topics, video games, various applications or streaming and video-on-demand services. Proceed with reading this article to understand how to do it. In this tutorial, we will talk about how to boost wifi signal on the smartphone. Good job!

It may happen that your modem has a low transmission frequency and, as a consequence, you will have a weak WiFi signal enough. For this reason, there are excellent applications for smartphones, which allow you to enhance the WiFi in order to improve signal reception.

How to boost wifi signal on smartphone?

Thanks to the data connection, you can log in to your social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. In order to be able to connect a latest-generation smartphone to the network, it is necessary to use the data connection that is provided by your mobile phone provider. On the contrary, for those who have a fixed-line broadband internet connection, they can use the classic WiFi connection.

how to boost wifi signal on smartphone

You will need:

  • Android or iOS smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • “Boost WiFi” application

Download the appropriate application

If you have a smartphone, first of all, with the Android operating system, you will need to install a particular application called “Boost WiFi”. It can be found available in both free and paid versions. The paid version of the application has additional features, including no advertising, application control via widgets, 30% power increase, frame error control and advanced interface. These are certainly useful features, but not entirely indispensable, since the free version is perfectly suited to the required operations.

Configure the application

To install the application, you will have to access the Play Store, both via smartphone and personal computer. You will have to look for the program called “Enhance WiFi”, accept the terms of use, then continue with the download. When you have done the installation of the program, you will have to start the same, then you will have to continue with the enhancement of your own WiFi. To do this, simply type in the power button, in red, and the WiFi will be automatically enhanced. Once the network has been enhanced, the power button will be green. In addition to this, you will see that the signal will indicate its level depending on the new connection quality.

Make the best use of signal enhancement

We will immediately give you a very practical example. The signal is 79% without active boost. If it had active enhancement instead, it would reach 100%. You will immediately notice the difference in speed. Enhancing the WiFi of your mobile device, both with Android and iOS operating systems, is very intuitive and easy. It will take a few minutes to install the applications, and you’re done! With these software, you will enjoy unmatched network speed. Watching a video, or listening to a song, will never have been so pleasant: no pause.

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