Five reasons why silicone hoses are superior to rubber

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Silicone hoses are widely recognised as superior to rubber hoses but the specific benefits may not be totally understood. Below we outline five of the major reasons that silicone is the preferred option for so many people.

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The flexibility of silicone hoses is superior to that of rubber ones. In addition to being more flexible when first used, silicone hoses maintain their flexibility and remain resilient throughout their lifespan. In contrast, rubber hoses may harden and split over time and may even rot.


Silicone hoses have a very long lifespan, sometimes longer than the vehicle itself. Although they are initially more expensive than rubber hoses, their long lifespan means that the average cost per mile can be lower for silicone hoses compared to rubber.

Operating temperatures

Because silicone hose manufacturers are aware that their hoses are able to carry fluids at considerably higher temperatures than rubber hoses, they are often promoted as ideal for applications such as adding a turbo charger or manufacturing racing vehicles. Silicone will not get hot and expand in the same way as a standard hose.

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According to Globe Newswire, the demand for silicone is increasing, partly due to its properties of resistance to heat, cold, moisture, ultraviolet radiation and certain chemicals.

Vibration and noise control

Whilst rubber hoses can sometimes create noise because of friction between the rubber and adjoining surfaces, silicone can be quieter, dampening vibration and noise.


Aesthetically, silicone hoses are vastly superior to rubber hoses. They are available in a range of vibrant colours that appeal to car enthusiasts keen to display their engines. Red and blue hoses are often most popular, but silicone hoses are available in black for anyone who prefers a more traditional appearance. A range of silicone hoses is available online from manufacturers such as, so whatever colour, size or application you need, it can easily be obtained. Bespoke hoses can also be supplied for different situations.

Silicone hoses are well known to improve performance, particularly in situations where heat tolerance is important. For example, adding a turbocharger to an engine will increase power, but unless you also upgrade your hoses to silicone as well, the extra heat produced by the turbocharger will be driven into hoses that simply cannot cope with it.


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