5 Features Of Konqueror Browser, File Manager and Viewer

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Konqueror is considered a web browser based on KHTML web technologies. It is open-source, it is built and maintained by the KDE plan, it can be installed on Linux and Windows or Mac if you install KDE on Windows and Mac, it has a ton of native features such as ad-blocking, email, PDF viewing, text editing, FTP and much more. Meet the 5 features of Konqueror.

Konqueror is a web browser and a file guide. It works with KHTML. It is the official KDE browser. The browser was first released in 2000 as part of KDE 1.90, which was a beta version. The first stable. The launch of Konqueror was executed on October 23, 2000, as a fragment of KDE 2.0.

5 features of Konqueror you should know


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It is compatible with HTML 4.01, CSS 2.0, CSS 3 selectors, SSL, Java, JavaScript, DOM2, DOM3 wicked and Netscape enhancements containing Flash, Apple Inc. made a KHTML fork cited Web-Kit and used it in its Safari web browser In KDE 4.4 and optimal, there is a choice to use the Web-Kit engine in Konqueror.

The Konqueror file viewer manages to help you explore the files on your monitor or remotely to other terminals. To install Konqueror, you must install KDE in advance, KDE Desktop Environment in the lineage is UNIX. If you are a beneficiary of Windows, mainly install KDE.

It is fast and efficient

Konqueror is one of the fastest and most efficient browsers. It contains a built-in advertising block, it dominates a pop-up blocker, it has a password manager, it provides tabbed browsing, it has a choice of split-screen navigation, it comes with the bookmark rector, It has a website translation and shows spell checking.

Master shortcuts

Konqueror accepts web-based shortcuts in the browser-based on text, several are contained and can be added more. Konqueror does not take three minutes to load, it does not take a minute to load a tab, it has an IMAP email client. It will certainly be useful for the right person.

In addition to a web browser, it has the ability to run the local file service and the file viewer. With the KPart technology object model, the browser manages to execute, edit certain files, such as documents or the PDF file format, using KPart to receive multimedia content on an HTML page.

Konqueror uses KHTML as a designed engine for your browser, meets open web standards. It has native ad-blocking support. Also, it has support for add-ons through the Konqueror system, provides a brilliant file manager integration that approves the display of Remote file systems through a file system.

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Does not have an application

Konqueror does not provide any application, add-on or add-on store to mention, promises numerous functions, is integrated into the IMAP email client, has support for the VNC viewer, can be used as a PDF viewer, can be used as text editor, gets used as a spreadsheet editor and manages to be used as an SVN client.

Konqueror comes with an amazing composition with the file manager. He also manages to function as a file manager and does a great job. Manage to view local or remote files.

The Konqueror browser has a low footprint when used in KDE because most of the mandatory resources are loaded. This makes the start time and general load times between orders very fast compared to the other browsers in KDE. It is a very robust system. Powerful web browsing program.

It is free

It is an excellent browser. If you are not interested in what Google, Opera or Mozilla have to offer, Konqueror is easily one of the best browsers in Linux. The advantage is its additional capacity.

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