Fashion tricks: 10 useful tips for embarrassing situations

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Has it ever happened to you to stain the shirt in public? To sweat and not know how to remove the halo? To choose underwear but not understand which is the right one? Discover with us the fashion tricks that every woman should know …

The world of fashion hides so many pitfalls and often being able to combine colors or a top with a pair of trousers, it seems to us a titanic undertaking worthy of note but in fact there are little things that we should really know to distract us from the most strange and unexpected situations.

You can also be a real genius and be able to perfectly coordinate all the colors, but what if you get stained after you leave home and are somewhere else in the city? If you find yourself on a date and don’t know how to get out of it unscathed without embarrassing yourself because a glass of wine has fallen on you?

The style drops , in fact, are always around the corner but there is a remedy for every problem, or at least there is a small solution capable of curbing the largest of the possible disasters. Every woman, of any age, should really know about fashion tricks that can save her from unpleasant and very problematic situations.

In addition to wine or sauce stains there is much more. Probably you will have happened to lose an earring at home, or maybe just closing it. How to find it again? There is also a remedy to this, a bit more complicated is if the loss of a small object takes place on the street …

Instead, what can happen outdoors is that a large sweat stain can appear on the mesh, just next to the armpits. What an embarrassment! No need to run home or enter a shop looking for a towel to clean up and cool off and a new shirt to buy to be able to change on the fly because even in this case there is a solution.

And even when you wash clothes , maybe new ones, there are some tricks and fashion tricks that you should know to avoid irreparable disasters, and the same is true even when you want your t-shirt to look more vintage or when the closet does not enter your new purchases yet yet, strange but true, until an hour earlier you would have sworn you had nothing in your wardrobe enough to claim to have nothing to wear.

And who knows how many you want you went into a lingerie shop looking for the perfect underwear and you came across a series of bras that just didn’t convince you …

There is a remedy to these doubts, problems and uncertainties; it is enough to know the right one. That’s why we thought we would give you our help and reveal to you what are the 10 fashion tricks that every woman must absolutely know!

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