Facts to know about your garage

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Most homes nowadays come with a garage alongside the home dwelling. With more and more people owning at least one car it is important that households have a garage and a driveway if possible, although some new build areas have opted for inner courtyard parking instead.

When it comes to your garage there are a few things that you might want to know.

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  • Garage are classed as outbuildings and as such they are single skin which means that they are not insulated and can be susceptible to damp in some areas. There are things you can do to create an inner skin to your garage to make it more suitable for use as a room or to store items that might be affected by the elements.

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  • The door to your garage is one of the most important elements as it not only protects the items that you are storing inside but it also gives you ease of access and helps to keep the elements away from your stored items. If your garage door is looking a little worse for wear you should contact a Barnet Garage Door Installation company such as https://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-installation-barnet/ to have a new one installed.
  • Garages can add money on to the asking price of your home and should be cared for in the same way as you would do the rest of your property.

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