Eyelash tinting: the solution for those that are invisible or too light

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“My lashes are invisible without mascara, and sometimes even that isn’t enough!” – If you recognize yourself in these statements, eyelash dye may be the right remedy for you. It gives color to the lashes in a semi-permanent way for about 2 weeks and defines the eyes with incisiveness to the point of not necessarily requiring the use of mascara and pencils.

The eyelash tinting is in fact ideal in case of sports, holidays, and busy life. The only caution is to use only qualified beauty salons and avoid doing it yourself if you do not have excellent manual skills. The eye area is in fact very delicate and, while relying on ultra-safe products, it is good that they do not come into contact with the conjunctiva. Here are the best solution for eyelash tinting.


  1. To make the most of the volumizing mascara, immerse the closed tube for one minute in a glass of warm water. The softened waxes will spread better and the application will be flawless.
  2.  If you tend to get dirty when putting on make-up. Place a teaspoon over and then under your eye to protect your upper and lower lids from smudging.
  3. Were you left without volumizer? Dust your lashes with talcum powder and then use the mascara you have available, the effect will be amazing.
  4.  You want to use waterproof but then find it hard to remove it? No problem: apply a normal mascara base and then, on top, the water-resistant one. You will see that it will be easier to remove it with the make-up remover.
  5.  If your mascara has not yet expired but is a little dry. Add two drops of saline for contact lenses and the product will come back to life.

Eyelash tinting: the solution for those that are invisible or too light

The eyelash tinting procedure is very delicate and should be done by expert hands. Before undergoing the dye. It is recommended to remove any contact lenses and traces of makeup. Thus, the beautician spreads a thick layer of protective cream under the eyes, which serves to prevent the skin from staining with color.

Then follows the application of a curved cotton pad at the lash line. At this point, the actual dyeing takes place: through a small fan-shaped brush, the dye is applied slowly on the eyelashes. And you wait for about 10 minutes.

While waiting, the customer must remain with her eyes closed. After the time necessary for the color to set on the lashes. The beautician will remove the excess tint with a cotton swab dipped in water.

Which eyelash dyes to use

Whether you turn to beauticians or go it alone. It is good to rely only on recognized brands for the production of eyelash dyes. The best known are RefectoCil and Binacil, on sale in shops for supplies of beauty salons and hairdressers.

The dyes are chemically synthesized and are based on coal tar. They are approved according to the European standards that have certified their level of quality and safety for eye health. Be wary of those who give you a vegetable or natural dyes for dyes. Because they have not yet been invented, and this would be tantamount to a scam.

An absolute no to products whose geographic origin is unknown: products for the eyes must bear the CE mark, which certifies the regulation of the European Union.

Long or short, does it make a difference?Eyelash tinting: the solution for those that are invisible or too light

Eyelash tinting has excellent results on both long and short lashes. This is due to the distribution of the color that occurs uniformly from the bottom to the top and vice versa; not only vertically, but also horizontally to return a vivid color and create a more evident and very visible effect.

Better beautician or do it yourself?

Let’s start from the second: yes only if you have excellent manual skills that lead to dexterously handling everything that comes close to the eyes. Do not overlook the risk of staining the skin as well as the more fearful risk of contact with the ocular mucosa.

As for the beauty salons, it is good to rely on those who exhibit a certificate of attendance of a specialized course in eyelashes. Usually, the training package includes a complete treatment: that is, beauticians teach to apply eyelash extensions and false eyelashes, to dye real ones. And even to curl them with the eyelash perm.

The practice then does the rest. Prices are around 15-20 euros per session, which must be repeated approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Can mascara be used after dyeing?Eyelash tinting: the solution for those that are invisible or too light

Yes, nothing prevents you from doing it, but it is good to wait 24 hours after dyeing. You can also use traditional methods to make up and remove make-up without the danger of the dye being damaged.

The mascara will give an even more dramatic touch to your lashes that … are born invisible!

Can false lashes be applied to tinted lashes?

It sounds like a pun, but the answer is yes because the false eyelash glue does not alter the dye, as this is permanent. It would be more correct to say “semi-permanent” since it goes away based on the natural fall of the eyelashes, with consequent replacement.

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