European Testing Conference 2016 had these Keynote speakers

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The European Testing Conference was held in 2016 and probably organised through a proper Events Agency Dublin company like davis events who have years of experience and organise lots of events all year round for all sorts of organisations.  – it was held at the Radisson Blu in Bucharest, Romania between the 11th and 12th February. Within the testing community, the conference allowed both experts and practitioners to come together to advance the craft of testing. Here we outline some of the keynote speakers you wouldn’t of wanted to miss and some thoughts on why the two days were so important.

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Linda Rising

Linda is well known for her book Fearless Change and brought to the conference her unique ability to combine technical knowledge and human intellect. She has a strong agile bend to her work and you could of expected a world of practical advice and her more strategic outlook.

Chris Matts

An expert in the design and delivery of systems for trading and risk management, since his work on the development of the Given-When-Then template Chris has moved on to work extensively on Feature Injection, which he believes helps a business to drive comprehensive example sets to insert into the BDD machine.

Christina Ohanian

Also passionate about agile and behaviour-driven development, Christina was interested in helping teams to fully understand how practices such as Scrum and Kanban can add value to their business, especially around faster feedback loops. She is also an avid evangelist with a background in graphic illustration, so expect visuals as good as her speech!

Roy de Kleijn

Brought his background as a test consultant to bear, Roy has extensive experience in web services automated testing and was keen to impart this knowledge to the testing community − not least his understanding of the creation of automated testing for core functionality, including functional flows and the mediation process.

Mieke Gevers

More information on test automation could be garnered from Mieke’s talk, sharing her 25 years of experience as a specialist in both automation and performance testing and monitoring.

The event is expected to be a feast of knowledge sharing, community enhancement and a time to celebrate best practice within testing across the spectrum of disciplines. Make sure you follow the developments closely, as they may well be hitting your desk sometime soon!

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