How hosting packages affect SEO performance

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When picking a hosting company for your business site, search optimisation should be at the top of the agenda. Here are the factors that can impact performance and help you to make a decision.

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Server setup

Most hosting packages come in two main forms, with customers either investing in a solution that includes a dedicated server or one that requires them to share resources with other sites.

The latter may be more affordable in general; however, the former makes more sense from an SEO perspective, as you can be sure that your site will always run smoothly with a predetermined clutch of server hardware at your disposal rather than being hobbled during peak periods.

An agency such as that provides SEO services in London will be able to advise on the specific performance implications of different hosting packages.

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Threat prevention

It may not seem like an SEO issue on the surface, but site security should be taken seriously if you want to avoid a ranking penalty. A poorly-protected site that suffers a breach will not only lose the trust of visitors but will also be hit by the wrath of search engines and could sink into obscurity. Small businesses are being targeted in greater numbers than ever before.

The best hosting packages will include security features as standard, rather than requiring customers to set up and manage their own protective measures. This really is a matter that is best left to the experts and outsourced, rather than handled in house.

Geographic limitations

Although cloud hosting packages have simplified a lot of the process of creating an effective business site in the modern age, you should still pay attention to the locations of the data centres that will make your site accessible to visitors. The further the servers are from end users, the longer it will take for pages to load.

Page load speed plays a big part in determining search rankings, so there is no point opting for a bargain basement hosting package that means your site will be housed half a continent away from its target audience.

The same goes for the top-level domain. While a .com address will make a site seem more global, a address may be more useful in reality in terms of SEO, as it ties a site to a specific country.


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